How to Give Money as an Easter Gift – 8 Best Cash Gifting Ideas!

Easter is a joyous holiday celebrated all over the world because it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is a family-friendly event filled with various traditions that bring joy to people of all ages.

One of them, and a significant aspect of Easter, is the giving of gifts in any form, such as money.

When planning to give a cash gift, consider its symbols, such as an Easter egg and an Easter bunny, to make your cash gift more relevant and thoughtful.

A combination of creativity, artistry, budget-friendly materials (optional), and other bits and pieces are all you need to give a lavish cash gift for a loved one.

8 Easter Cash Gift Ideas That Kids & Adults will love!

Money Origami

Money origami is a unique way to present gifts for special occasions.

An origami bunny made from a dollar bill, for example, is a fantastic way to give a child an Easter gift.

This craft is simple to fold for beginners.

Like all money origami designs, works best with a relatively new and crisp bill.

Bills that are wrinkled and worn have a difficult time holding their shape after being in circulation for a long time.

If you can’t find any crisp bills in your wallet, it’s worth going to the bank.

A Bucket Filled with Colorful Easter Eggs, the Contents of Which Are Cash.

Put some money inside an Easter egg and then fill it in a bucket for a great and effective way to give cash as a gift.

It’s a low-cost idea because all you’ll need are Easter egg toys that can be opened and a bucket, both of which can be found in a variety of stores around the world for a reasonable price.

You can also do this with an Easter basket.

 A chocolate jar containing hidden money.

Because of their small size, small gifts or money can sometimes feel less meaningful.

That’s where these Hidden Gift Jars come in!

Stash your gift inside a secret hiding spot in the jars, covered by a favorite candy or treat (we used M&Ms), and watch the recipient’s eyes light up when they realize their gift contains more than just candy!

This also works well as a practical joke! Make the recipient believe they have received a cute jar of candy when there is much more to it!

Hide money inside a pizza box.

Put cash in a pizza box for a big surprise, and we guarantee you’ll love the look on their face when they open it! Give the gift of dough with this inventive Easter money gift idea.

Hot tip: Keep some real pizza on hand just in case they wanted a slice of that cheesy goodness.

Money in a Chocolate Box.

How to Give Money as an Easter Gift blog post image

Give money in the form of a chocolate box!

Empty a box of chocolates (of course by eating them) and replace the wrappers with money.

Money rolled into an Easter-themed PEZ container.

Rolling money into an Easter-themed PEZ container is a cute way to give money as a gift.

Amazon has a good selection of PEZ containers at a reasonable price.

Fold the bill in half and tightly roll it from one end to the other to create a PEZ container filled with money.

Then, carefully press the spring-loaded bottom of the dispenser, insert the top part of the bill, and then wedge in the bottom part of the rolled bill.

A large toy egg filled with money on a nest wrapped and tied with a ribbon.

Take one big plastic egg, fill it with cash, and then place it in a “nest” of shredded brown paper before placing it in a treat bag for gift giving.

Money Balloons.

We make it simple for people to give them gift money in the form of a card.

Don’t you think they should put in a little more effort?

Money Balloons are the answer!

The thrill of encasing cash inside a confetti-filled balloon will never fade.

It’s entertaining to watch the recipient get startled by a popping balloon filled with confetti and then count the money inside.

It’s better than handing someone a card with cash inside though that’s not bad either.

Other Cool Alternative Ways to Give Money as An Easter Gift

  • Easter bunny treat bags
  • Easter egg bath bombs (you might want to make sure the money is visibly sticking out of the bathbomb!)
  • Easter egg playdough
  • Painted bunny treat jars with dollar bills also inside among the chocolate eggs and Easter candy
  • Easter baskets
  • Create an Easter money tree

How Much Do You Give for Easter?

Any amount would suffice, but it is recommended to gift a sufficient amount of cash and avoid giving excessive money because Easter marks the end of Lent, which is traditionally a time of giving up luxuries and doing without excess food and other items.

Easter is also not the same as Christmas.

Giving gifts isn’t the only aspect of Easter; honoring Jesus Christ is also one of them.

Gift a sum of money based on your heart’s desires but bearing in mind the above mentioned.

What to Say when You Give a Cash Gift to Someone on Easter?

There are no exact words to say when giving someone a gift in any form on Easter because what you’re going to say is based on your heart’s desires.

However, it is preferable to greet the recipient first before presenting the gift.

Here are some phrases to use if you’re going to give a gift of any kind on Easter:

  1. I’ve got something for you. I hope you enjoy it.
  2. Take a look at what I have for you!
  3. I thought you might be interested in this for…
  4. [Handing a gift to someone] Enjoy!
  5. It’s only a small thing, but I hope you enjoy it.
  6. Here’s a small gift for you.
  7. [Name], I’d like to present you with this present/gift/gift basket.


Through the use of artistry, money as a form of Easter gift can be made unique and elegant.

It is regarded as the “new” way of gifting money to loved ones and make for really cool Easter gift ideas if done correctly.

By combining money and imagination, you will highlight the hard work and creativity that you’ve put in, and the recipient will feel not only significant and honored but also greatly appreciated due to the hard work and artistry that you’ve infused into the present.

There are many ideas to choose from when it comes to making a money-gift for your loved one, such as Easter basket gifts filled with colorful Easter eggs with cash hidden inside, a jar of chocolates with money hidden inside, an Easter bucket or Easter basket filled with money, origami bunnies or bunny ears made in cash, and many more.

Let your creativity and thoughtfulness lead the way and we know you’ll come up with a fun and great idea when you hand over your gift basket or whatever type of Easter basket or creative method you’ve decided on!

Learn how to make origami using cash here:

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