How to Give Airline Tickets as a Gift

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Choosing the perfect gift for anyone is quite challenging. However, offering the gift of travel is taking the stakes higher. It is the most personal present that promises lifetime memories and experiences.

The gift of travel is highly appreciated by the twenty-something-year-olds and millennials because they prefer collecting experiences over material possessions. This means that even a trip that did not go well will still be remembered fondly.

Despite all the excitement that comes with the gift of travel, the process is quite tricky, especially with an element of surprise. There are factors to consider to make it happen smoothly. Here are a few tips on how to give airline tickets as a gift.

Tips on how to give Airline Tickets as a Gift

Consider The Recipient

Although the chance to travel or vacation is an excellent gift, it should also be convenient for the recipient. A trip out of town is not as simple as it may sound. Without much consideration, the gift may turn into a burden.

You really have to keep your loved ones on the hook to find out what is best for them. Are they in a position to take time away from family or work obligations? Do they love traveling in the first place? If yes, would they love company? Or are they solo travelers?

All these questions are valid and the key to how to give airline tickets as a gift.

Buying The Trip

Once you are assured of their availability and interest, it is time to commit. There are various ways to buy air travel, including airline gift cards, mileage transfer, or vouchers.

Although you might feel inclined to choose the destination and airline immediately, don’t do it. There is always a chance that the recipient doesn’t favor the place or choice of airline. Some ways to get airline tickets include:

Miles and Points

Do you have a stash of points or miles that you would like to share? Gifting someone is an excellent idea. With your knowledge of how the program work, it is best to handle the reservations yourself.

Are you also joining the trip? Why not pay cash for your ticket to replace the ones used?

Check out bonus transfer offers before making any plans. With this, you have a better chance of getting amazing hotels and flights.

Gift Cards

The best aspect of gift cards is their flexibility. Just ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of their use. Usually, gift cards do not expire. They can stay unused for years without diminishing in value. In the case of an airline merging with another or even bankruptcy, you are likely to encounter some problems.

The best time to buy airline gift cards is during the holiday season. Airlines offer promotions and bonus offers which you can use for gift travel. You can get airline cards from major grocery stores or discount stores.

They save you money by selling the airline cards less than face value during promotions. In retail outlets, you get the gift cards in small values of $50 or $100. You have the option to get multiple cards but ensure to keep track of them. Besides, airlines have restrictions regarding the number of cards that one can use to purchase a ticket.

 Aside from the physical stores, the most ideal place to buy gift cards is the airlines’ websites. You can rest easy about the validity of the purchase. On purchasing gift cards, you have different shipping options, including:

  • The standard
  • The two-day shipping
  • Overnight shipping

With other airlines, there is another option of a virtual card. In this type of shipping, the buyer receives an email, PIN number, and card number. The best thing about a virtual gift card is the convenience and fast process. Besides, you can print the email for later use.

Keep an Eye for Pitfalls

When you are thinking of how to give airline tickets as a gift, watch out for pitfalls. This is especially true in the case of using airline gift cards. Without proper consideration or knowledge of the entire process, the trip can quickly turn into a nightmare.

No one wants to see the recipient ending up stressed and even using their money on unexpected issues. You could opt to consult with a travel expert to help you with your budget and getting good deals.

One of the worst things you could do is choosing the wrong airline. Imagine being stuck to a specific airline that you don’t even like. Booking an airline frequently used by the recipient is a good idea.

You can also consult with the recipient or leave the option open for them to decide. You never know, they might just find a cheaper and more convenient choice.

Before settling for an airline, check to ensure there are no additional expenses that might force the recipient to use their money. You could also gift your loved one with a MasterCard or Visa to buy an air ticket and use it on the trip.

When buying airline gift cards, be sure about the solidity of the airline. There is no assurance that you could get your money back from a bankrupt airline. Also, be aware of the terms and conditions of using airline gift cards. Some airlines don’t freeze the accounts of stolen or lost gift cards.

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How to Give Airline Tickets as A Gift

Giving airline tickets to the ones you love may seem like an impersonal gesture. As a result, the reaction may be underwhelming. You have to come up with creative ways to make it personal and interesting.

Wrap the printable gift card and present it to the recipient. You can also use themed clues like gifting destination guidebooks or essential travel items in a travel bag with a simple note relaying the message.

Another way of building suspense is to offer “peak experiences.” keep in mind the recipient’s interests and provide hiking guide or surfing lessons, depending on the destination.

We hope that this guide has shone some light on how to give airline tickets as a gift. Just remember that it requires a lot of thought, planning, and investment.

Regardless of the outcome of the surprise adventure, the experience is a forever gift with lifetime memories.

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