How to Ask for Honeymoon Money Instead of Gifts? (Etiquette Guide)

Some guest may choose to give you homeware, restaurant vouchers, or shopping vouchers as wedding gifts.

But some newly weds would prefer to have cash gifts from their loved ones that would help service a project ,or use the cash however they like (hint, hint: for their honeymoon!)

A common question people have is how to ask for honeymoon money, for a honeymoon fund (or “honeyfund”) instead of gifts?

Wanting cash gifts as your wedding gifts is not abnormal, but you may rub some friends and family members the wrong way if you directly ask for money in your invitation.

So, it is crucial that you use the correct wording when asking for cash in your wedding invitations.

In this detailed post, we are going to share some tips and tricks on how you can ask for money in your wedding invitation without offending anyone.

What Wording Should You Use on Your Invitation when Asking for A Cash Honeymoon Wedding Gift?

Asking for cash on your wedding invitation is a bit tricky and risky too.

However, if that is one of the ways you find more straightforward to ask for honeymoon cash, then you ought to be careful of the words you use.

Here are some examples of the wording you should use on your wedding invitation.

  • Your presence will be highly appreciated, but should you wish to surprise us with a cash gift, it will immensely aid our honeymoon plans.
  • We would be elated to have you as our guest – if you wish to send us a cash gift, honeymoon contributions would be very welcome.
  • Your gift will be highly appreciated, but if you want to contribute to our honeymoon plans, a cash gift would be great!

Those are a few examples and ideas of the wording you can use to ask for cash in your invitation.

You can pick the examples word for word and put them in your invitation, but you can also come up with your own to make them more personal.

The bottom line is to ensure that you use polite words and show the person you are writing to that you value their presence more than their gift.

You also need to try and show them that you do not prefer any type of gift more than another.

What Wording Should You Use When Asking For Honeymoon Money Instead of Wedding Gifts in Person?

Asking for money for your invitation card is tricky but asking for cash gifts in person is even trickier.

If you are good at subtly dropping something in conversion, then use that to subtly tell your friends and family that you need cash gifts instead of the traditional wedding gifts.

For example, you can say that you already have enough homeware, especially if you two were already living together.

You can subtly say that one of your dream experiences is the perfect honeyman but it is draining most of your financial resources and you hope the wedding party can help toward your trip.

Is Asking for Honeymoon Money Instead of Gifts Appropriate Etiquette?

Asking for cash may be considered rude, especially by your wedding guests.

Most of them may want to control what gift they want to give you, whether in cash or physical gifts.

However, you need to know that if you ask for cash in a very polite manner, then asking for honeymoon funds is okay.

In today’s world, the bride and the bridegroom are already living together and may have a house full of houseware.

That, plus considering that many people live in smaller houses or even condos, shows that many newlyweds do not need another homeware set.

So receiving more homeware gifts might seem out of place for others.

Weddings are expensive, and they may drain all of your honeymoon funds.

So asking for cash to fund the most critical part of the wedding – the honeymoon is still okay.

The Best Ways to Ask For Honeymoon Cash Instead of Gifts From Attendees

So, how do you ask for cash gifts instead of traditional wedding gifts?

Don’t worry; we have you covered on this.

Here are some best ways that you can use to ask for honeymoon funds instead of traditional wedding gifts;

  • Honeymoon registry – this is when a couple agrees to ask guests for money to fund their honeymoon plans through a wedding registry website.
  • Wedding money poem – a wedding money poem is used by couples to ask for money from their attendees and guests through awesome gift card poems.
  • Register for a cash fund – this is another polite way of asking for cash on your cash registry site.
  • Ask your family to spread the word – find someone who can subtly drop in your request in conversation.Moms have a clever way of introducing something to guests in conversations, so you can approach them and make your request.
  • Use a wedding website – having a wedding website in today’s world is not something out of the ordinary.

You can use the wedding website to explain how you will use the funds and provide registry information.

  • Have a box card at the reception – some guests may still like the idea of gifting the newlywed couples at the wedding party. In fact, it is tradition in some cultures.

So it is a very good idea to have a box for cards for your attendees to drop in checks.

  • Have a wedding shower – consider having a wedding shower to raise your honeymoon fund.

You can politely ask your guests to attend the wedding shower to raise funds for your honeymoon trip.


Wedding planning may overwhelm the bride and groom because of the financial needs of a wedding, especially when thinking of your dream honeymoon trip after the celebration.

Sometimes all you need are loved ones to chip in with their cash.

If you are planning to ask for cash instead of the traditional wedding gifts, do not feel out of place because it is normal.

You can use many ways to ask for cash gifts instead of home items.

You can choose to ask for the cash gifts in your invitation or ask in person.

In today’s world, you have the option to set up a wedding website or honeymoon registry that will help in explaining how you are going to use the funds.

You can also set up a cash or gift registry to help you get funds from people and give them the option to get a gift so they feel less pressured.

Apart from these online sources, you can choose to create wedding money poems or gift cards to ask for money from your guests.

Good luck in getting your honeymoon fund and enjoy the experiences with your new life partner!

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