How Much to Give for A Wedding Gift? Cash Amounts That Are Appropriate

As happy as attending a wedding party can be, having to find the perfect wedding gift can be an absolute nightmare!

Many couples try to make it a more manageable task by setting a gift registry, however, that is not always the best solution.

That being said, giving cash has always been seen as a great way of giving someone the opportunity to get something that they really want.

But, can you actually give money as a wedding gift? And how much money should wedding guests give?

Generally speaking, yes, you can absolutely give money as a wedding present.

While it may not be the most creative gift, it will save you time, and effort and potentially bring just as much joy, if not more, to the couple getting married.

So, how much should you give and how should you present it to them?

Is It OK to Give Cash as A Wedding Gift?

Is It OK to Give Cash as A Wedding Gift

First of all, it is important to understand that, yes, it is completely OK to give cash as a wedding gift.

In fact, in some cases and cultures, it is actually preferred – and even expected – by the happy couple, as the money can go straight into their honeymoon, future financial plans, or even onto gifts from the couple’s registry that they can choose.

Unless it explicitly states to not give money on their wedding invitation, then feel free to give them a cash gift.

Whether they are family members, friends, colleagues or otherwise related to you, do not feel pressured to get them something in particular, especially if you do not have the time, the knowledge about what they could want, or indeed the budget to spend on a wedding gift according to the cost of the presents on their wedding registry.

Ultimately, if it’s a couple you know well, go with your gut. A few things to consider:

  • Are they saving for anything in particular?
  • Or, have they mentioned that they are looking for a particular type of gift?

You can safely go for money if you’re certain on the former. On the latter, it’s probably best to stick to registry gift giving.

Now, the real question is, how much money do you give to the happy couple?

Ever wondered, is it tacky to give check for a wedding gift?

How Much Money Do You Give for A Wedding Gift?

How Much Money Do You Give for A Wedding Gift

The amount of money that you should give as a monetary gift at a wedding depends entirely on you and your budget – not the recipient!

Of course, you should never give them more than you can afford.

Whether it is known to the couple or not, your financial situation should dictate, first and foremost, how much you should spend.

Remember that any wedding gift will and should be appreciated as their part of wedding gift etiquette.

However, if you can afford it, then you should consider giving them at least $50.

If you can give them more money, then do not hesitate to do so, as the more you can give, the more the couple will be able to use and enjoy – generosity feels good!

However, you do not have to give a substantial amount.

If you are concerned about not being able to give $50, then consider consulting other close friends and family members at the wedding.

You could easily join forces to give a group wedding gift, setting an average amount per person if you choose.

That way, the couple will get more money, you do not have to worry about having to give a smaller gift, and one person could easily give more or less money without the couple having to know who gave what.

This would be a nice gesture from the wedding guests and would mean that no matter your relationship with the couple, you do not have to feel awkward about the present.

Whether you are going to gift cash as a group or alone, remember to include a handwritten note with the gift.

This way, the couple knows which person gave them the money, and they can appreciate how much you have spent on them.

A nice note is also a nice way of explaining why you are giving money as a gift (for them to invest in their home, honeymoon, car, future, etc.) and will make the gift that much more personal.

Wedding Guest Cash Gift FAQs

Wedding Guest Cash Gift FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions that we commonly get about how much cash is an appropriate wedding gift amount when gifting money.

Is $100 a Sufficient Monetary Gift For a Wedding?

Yes, $100 is more than enough to give as a wedding gift.

In fact, it is nearly a perfect amount if you have a close relationship with the happy couple or not!

It makes for an ideal average wedding gift, especially for those on a budget or who are not particularly close to the couple.

This can easily be spent on a nice evening out, on a new set of sheets, or put towards a vacation, holiday or home upgrade.

Is $200 a Good Wedding Gift?

$200 is a good amount to give to a couple on their wedding day, especially if you are a relative or close friend of the couple.

Most guests will spend between $100 and $150, so the $ 200 will show how much you care, and can be spent on a great number of things – see above!

Always go for $200 at least if you know the couple very well.

Is $300 a Good Wedding Gift?

$300 is a wonderful wedding gift, however, this amount is verging on being excessive – usually, this amount would be expected more from those with a close relationship with the couple, or the ‘big spenders’ on their guest list.

However, it would be a little odd from a co-worker, distant relative, or plus one.

Therefore, don’t be so ready to splash the cash just to make an impression.

Is $500 a Good Wedding Gift?

Now, there is no denying that $500 would be an incredible amount to spend on a wedding gift, and any couple would be thrilled to receive it!

However, when it comes to wedding gift etiquette, it may even be a little too much.

A close friend would likely spend a couple of hundred dollars, but typically only parents of the couple specifically, or even grandparents, could be seen giving much bigger amounts.

As a group gift from close friends and family, $500 would be an amazing joint amount.

However, if you happen to be a co-worker, acquaintance, or so on, then such a big amount may be deemed a little odd, out of place, and even awkward.

Therefore, if you can give them a big gift, go ahead, but don’t overdo it!


In conclusion, money certainly works well as a great gift, especially at weddings, and finding the right amount to give isn’t actually that complicated!

Again, if you are still concerned about not giving enough, then work with others will help you to determine how much you should give as an average wedding gift.

That being said, you should never overtly ask someone how much they are giving as a wedding gift, or how much they have spent on wedding gifts period – it’s just not polite!

In some cases, you should also consider how much you will have to spend on the wedding yourself.

For example, if it is a destination wedding where you have to pay for your own share, then remember to factor that into your budget.

It will cost you a lot just to attend, so do not worry about having to give a little less as a wedding gift.

Don’t avoid cash wedding gifts – gifting cash goes down very well indeed.

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