How Much Should a Couple Give as A Wedding Gift? (or Spend on Wedding Gifts)

Weddings are wonderful occasions for family, friends and other loved ones to celebrate a couple’s union.

However, when it comes to your duties as an invited guest, weddings can quickly turn into a nightmare!

The biggest dilemma that many guests face is how much they are expected to pay for a wedding gift.

As you can imagine, this is even worse for couples.

  • Do you have to spend twice as much?
  • What if one of you is just a plus one?

On average, people spend between $75 and about $200 on wedding gifts.

However, these do not have to be your benchmarks for deciding on how much to give.

Instead, you will have to take a few things into consideration before worrying about the gift-giving etiquette and cost. Let’s explain:

How Much Money Should a Couple Gift the Bride and Groom?

How Much Money Should a Couple Gift the Bride and Groom?

Before following any kind of formal guide on ‘how much should you spend at a wedding’, be sure to consider your own restrictions.

Whether you give cash or give a gift from a registry, here’s what’s worth keeping in mind.

Your financial status

The first and most important thing that you need to consider is your financial status.

What can you actually afford to give them?

When it comes to big events, many of us feel pressured to give an absurd amount of money as a gift, thinking that it is what is expected of us.

However, that simply isn’t the case.

The most important thing about this gift is that it is something that you can indeed afford.

One way of ensuring that you can give a decent amount is by saving together, to ensure that you have enough to give without putting yourself in any danger financially.

Obviously, the longer you save up, the more you will have to give, but you do not necessarily have to give all that you have saved up to the happy couple.

Your relationship with the couple

Another thing to consider is your relationship with the newlyweds.

Obviously, you matter to them enough to be invited to the wedding, but that does not mean that you are necessarily close.

It could be the wedding of a distant family member, co-worker, old friend, etc.

All of which excludes you from having to pay a fortune on their wedding gift.

Although you will be expected to bring a gift, the less you know the happy couple, the less you will be expected to give.

However, if they happen to be close to you, then definitely start saving up for their present!

Now, just because you are close with the couple does not necessarily mean that your partner is, too.

That being said, as an invited guest and your plus one, they too will be expected to bring something, so if you two happen to be gifting them money, then try to put in a little extra to cover the both of you.

Have you had to spend on going to the wedding?

Finally, it is important to note whether or not you are going to a destination wedding.

While you may think that you have to bring a wedding gift, if you have to pay a lot just to be at the event itself, then you can consider your presence ‘your gift’.

While that may seem a little selfish, it definitely isn’t!

Destination weddings mean arranging transport for yourself, a place to stay, taking longer out of work, and sometimes even paying a bar tab or for your own dinner at the wedding.

If that is the case, then you will already need to budget ahead.

As cruel as it may seem, you can always write the happy couple a nice letter, thanking them for your invitation and wishing them the best, but do not feel obliged to then give them money as a wedding gift.

How Much Money Should You Spend on a Wedding Gift as a Couple?

There is no real ‘do’ or ‘don’t’ for the overall money you should spend as a couple on a wedding gift. However, many people try and offer around $100 on their own.

Keeping in mind the average figures mentioned above, anywhere between $75 and $200 should be appropriate from you both.

That said, it’s all dependent on whether it is a close friend or family member, or an acquaintance getting married – and all of the above.

The bottom line is, don’t cheap out too much – as some may expect double the gifts from couples!

Check in with other wedding guests to see what etiquette they’re following, too.

Can You Give a Check Instead of Cash as a Couple?

Can You Give a Check Instead of Cash as a Couple?

Sometimes, it feels like more fun to give someone cash, as it feels as though it is a more impressive present.

That being said, when it comes to larger amounts of money, then sometimes cash can be a bit tricky to give.

That is why checks make for the perfect wedding presents.

Slipping a check into a nice card makes for a wonderful, discreet, yet impactful gift for the happy couple.

However, the amount on the check should determine whether or not you should use it.

For example, if it is anything less than $50, then it is probably best to give as cash, instead of using a check.

Is It OK to Give a Group Wedding Gift?

Is It OK to Give a Group Wedding Gift?

If you’re concerned about how much you should spend on a wedding gift, and worry that you will give less or more than others, then a group wedding gift could be the best idea.

In fact, if you are concerned about not being able to give them a gift at all, or indeed one that is small, then working with other friends is a way to give the couple a gift that they will remember, and about which they cannot complain!

You could simply use a couple’s wedding registry to choose something that the bride or groom could want or work with the other guests to build a decent budget and give a bigger amount of cash or a check for the married couple to spend together.


Thankfully, wedding gift etiquette does not enforce any particular standard when it comes to deciding how much to give to the married couple, whether there are two or just one person.

Getting married in itself is a wonderful celebration, one that the couple will be glad to have you share with them.

So, when considering the amount that you should give for a wedding gift, ironically, you should think more of yourself first.

  • How much can you afford to give?
  • Are you close with the couple?
  • Are you spending a lot just to attend the wedding day?

Once you have considered all of these, finding the perfect wedding gift amount to give for a wedding present shouldn’t be too difficult.

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