How Much Money Should a Grandparent Give for a Wedding Gift?

Giving money as a wedding present can be difficult, but it can be a nightmare when you are a grandparent!

  • How much should you give?
  • What will it mean if you don’t give enough?
  • How can you decide?

There is a lot to consider before you make your final decision regarding how much you are expected to and should give as a wedding gift when you are related to the bride or the groom.

That includes:

  • Your total budget
  • The cost of the wedding itself for you
  • How much you want to spend on this particular family member
  • and more

Let’s explore further about how much money a grandparent should give or spend on a wedding gift.

What Should Grandparents Consider When Deciding on a Cash Gift For a Wedding?

What Should Grandparents Consider When Deciding on a Cash Gift For a Wedding

Trying to figure out how much to give to your grandchild on their wedding day requires taking a look at a few things.

Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind when considering how much to give to your grandchild on their wedding day:

Your Income

The first thing that you should consider is your financial situation.

Too many people neglect to factor in how much they can actually afford and instead opt for spoiling the grandkids as much as they can!

Sadly, that can leave you in a very difficult situation, and one that you do not have to be in.

To save on money, it may be worth chipping in on a group wedding gift if you decide not to give cash.

Try talking with other wedding guests to see what their plans are for a wedding gift or cash.

How Much Do You Have to Spend on Going to The Wedding?

One thing that we often neglect to consider is how much we actually have to spend on the wedding, as guests!

Whether it is a destination wedding, one where you have to pay for your own bar tab, your dinner, etc – whatever the case, you will need to factor in how much you have to spend on the day itself.

As much as the happy couple may expect you to participate, you will have to consider this amount in your own budget.

In many cases, guests have to decline their invite due to the fact that they cannot afford to attend the wedding.

So, if you are making the effort to be there, then do not neglect that as you decide on how much you will give them!

What’s your relationship with your grandchildren like?

The average wedding gift amount – from a cost perspective – is likely to be around $100, according to

For grandparents, that may be considerably more if you are very close. Therefore, consider your relationship with the bride and groom!

If you are a fairly distant relative, the amount you spend on a wedding will likely decrease. However, families always differ in terms of interpersonal relationships.

If you’re really unsure what to do, it’s still worth looking for a few thoughtful gifts if you’ve been invited at all!

How many of you are going to the wedding?

If you happen to be going to the wedding with your partner, then it would be best to give a little more.

That way, the amount that you give will be considered to be from the both of you.

Even if the partner that you are bringing has only been with you a short while, if they are important enough to have been invited to the wedding, then they will be expected to bring their fair share!

It does not have to be double what you intend to give them; even just a little bit more on top will do.

What Can Grandparents Give for Wedding Gifts Besides Money?

What Can Grandparents Give for Wedding Gifts Besides Money?

You don’t have to hit the ‘national average’ for cash gifts or otherwise – here are a few other wedding gift ideas you may wish to consider if you want to think outside of the box;

A Trip Away Together

We all know that a married couple needs plenty of time for just the two of them.

Sadly, that can be hard to get between work and other responsibilities.

So, as the favorite grandparent, show your grandchild that you understand just how important that time will be with their spouse by offering them a paid trip somewhere.

It doesn’t even have to be anywhere exotic.

Just a weekend at a nice local hotel can be a great getaway! You can find plenty of low-cost trips online, too.

You can easily find flights from around $30 and cost-efficient AirBnBs and hotels.

However, it is important to either get refundable tickets, in case the happy couple cannot make it on those specific dates, or discreetly ask them when their next break together will be.

Family heirlooms

As a grandparent, chances are strong that you may already have some precious family heirlooms.

Now, do not worry about giving things that you are not ready to part with, but anything that has been important to the family for years could make a wonderful gesture.

Be it a piece of jewelry, a dinner set, or any kind of decor item or trinket, be sure to consider what you can pass on for generations to come.

Handmade gifts

Handmade gifts from loved ones often mean more than cash ones, and your grandchild will (hopefully!) cherish them forever.

It could be anything from a meaningful quilt that they can share, a handkerchief set, pottery, etc.

Champagne and flutes

One of the best wedding presents to get for a married couple is a nice bottle of champagne.

Then, to make it even more special, give it to them with their own nice set of flutes that they can take with them into their new home.

This will be a lovely way of providing them with something to celebrate with and ensuring that it is also a gift that will last.

Can Grandparents Give Checks Instead of Giving Cash at a Wedding?

Can Grandparents Give Checks Instead of Giving Cash at a Wedding?

Wedding gift etiquette can be difficult to master, especially when it comes to money.

Therefore, you may be wondering whether or not a check is even an appropriate gift.

After all, it is only a piece of paper, right? Well, yes, but that does not mean that it is not a great gift!

Giving a check, especially if it is a large amount of money, makes sense.

If you plan on giving them something like $20, then, of course, a check may seem a little ridiculous.

However, anything north of that would do perfectly well on a check and would easily fit in an envelope, ready for them to open.

Can Grandparents Give a Gift Card Instead of Cash Wedding Gifts?

You have likely seen all kinds of gift cards on sale more and more frequently, and may have even received a few cards yourself.

But, can you as a grandparent really give a gift card to your grandchild on their wedding day?

Again, the answer is – it depends.

While gift cards can work perfectly well as wedding presents, they can also be pretty useless if they are for stores that the happy couple don’t shop at!

Therefore, it is best to ask about the stores and brands that they like and think of the things that they will need as a newly married couple.

For that, look at furniture shops or even online stores with plenty of options, such as Amazon. In this case a gift card would make a great wedding gift.


Figuring out how much money to give as a wedding gift can be really tricky, especially when it comes to family!

As grandparents, certain expectations are on you and on your gift.

However, it is important to remember that what really matters is your grandchild’s special day.

The best things that you could possibly give them are your presence, some life advice as they start this new journey, and a good time at their wedding reception!

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