16 Gifts for Old Souls to Make Them Feel Nostalgia

Do you have an old soul in your life for whom you need to buy a gift? Something that reminds them of a time when things were simpler?

If so, you’re in luck!

We’ve had similar struggles here with picking a great gift for the old person we love in our life, whether for a holiday season like Christmas or a special occasion!

We put in hours of research and have put together a list of gifts to make the old souls in your life feel nostalgic and loved.

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

From classic movies to stationaries, these gift ideas for old souls will make them feel great things.

So don’t wait any longer. Take a look through our post and find the perfect gift today with our cool gift ideas!

What Do You Get for An Old Soul? Our Top 16 Gift Ideas

Let’s get straight into our top ideas for gifts for the elder in your life:

Record, CD and Cassette Player

First our top pick for the elder in your life who LOVES music. This entertainment system oozes class!

This record player merges technology from older times with modern technologies like Bluetooth, in-built CD and cassette player on top of the ability to play vinyl.

This is all brought together in a lovely wood effect package with the option of various color finishes to suit your loved ones home.

This is one of our favorite gifts for old souls, whether they’re an old man or woman, you can’t go wrong with music.

Vintage Leather Journal

This is an excellent gift because it can be used to write down thoughts, memories and musings.

A keepsake old souls will surely cherish forever to remind them now and then of precious memories.

This stylishly medieval journal will become a cherished item that will be used for many years to come.

Written Letters

In a world where all the rage revolves around electronic things, there is something special about taking the time to sit down and write a letter by hand.

If you know an old soul, consider writing them a letter using a set of antique writing paper or a quill pen.

Vintage Stationaries

For the old soul in your life, vintage stationery is sure to make them feel special and loved.

For those who prefer a more urban aesthetic, opt for something with an antique or distressed look.

And if they’re all about traditional values, choose stationery with a classic design.

Vintage Typewriter

Typewriters have a certain nostalgic charm that is perfect for anyone who appreciates simpler things in life.

If you want to make the gift extra special, look for a typewriter that has been refurbished and comes with a stylish case.

Vintage Wall Decorations

Unique pieces of vintage wall arts are perfect for old souls who appreciate quality and craftsmanship.

Wall art adds personality to their room or personal space, wherever they choose to hang it.

So if you’re searching for homey gifts or home decor for old souls, don’t forget to check some vintage wall decorations.

Classic Book Collection

Look no further for your literary old soul family and friends who loves to read and appreciate the classics.

Some popular options for classic books include works by Charles Dickens and Jane Austen.

These collections often come with beautiful covers and illustrations, making them a visual treat and a literal one.

Classic Music Collection

Old souls love nothing more than curling up with a cup of tea and soaking in the beauty of ancient times and past memories.

This makes a classical music collection the perfect addition to their library.

Classic Western Movies

There’s something special about classic western movies.

They’re practical and connect us with previous generations.

They’re also awesome.

So to give your old soul a treat, you can either get them a gift card to a movie theater so they can go and see classic westerns on the big screen or buy them a CD set.

Video Games Collection Puzzle

Older video game collection puzzles have simple gameplay and timeless appeal and are bound to become a favorite for old souls.

With their simple gameplay and timeless appeal, these video games make perfect gifts for old souls.

Board Games

The games we used to love as kids can be one of the best gifts for old souls.

If you’re looking for a gift for an old soul who loves classic games, there are plenty of options to choose from such as classic chess and monopoly to scrabble and snakes and ladders.


A thoughtful gift for old souls can.

Those who receive a blanket will enjoy its warmth and comfort for the year

Personalized Music Box

The beauty of a music box lies in its simplicity. But also the fact that you can choose from a variety of beautiful messages engraved into the box at no extra cost.

Listening to delicate melodies can transport an old soul down the memory lane or help them set the mood for their meditations and journaling.

It can also be used as a home decor.

Antique Jewelry

When you give an old soul antique jewelry, you are also giving them a piece of history.

This type of gift shows that you care about the person and their individual style.

A vintage look is as timeless and classic as can be.

So who says being an old soul means going out of style?

Scented Candles

Old souls often want to reminisce or relax and unwind.

A perfect addition to these routines are scented candles.

Not only do scented candles improve the room’s mood but they can also bring back a wave of memories.

Vintage Clothes

Vintage clothes usually have that nostalgic effect.

It makes it a perfect gift idea for an old soul.

Consider buying vintage clothes for the old soul in your life as a perfect addition to their wardrobe.

They won’t be disappointed.


What do you get someone who is sentimental?

Sentimental people often want to feel nostalgia, so the best gifts for them would be something that reminds them of a happy or a meaningful memory.

Here are some gift ideas for your sentimental loved ones:

  • framed photo with a special memory
  • sentimental book
  • mixed tapes
  • customized mug with their favorite image or quotes
  • blanket or throw pillow with a soft, nostalgic fabric print
  • a gift basket filled with their favorite comfort foods
  • “then and now” photo book full of old photos and new memories
  • tickets to show performances of their favorite artists or sports events of teams they are a fan of
  • a day spent visiting their favorite childhood places together

Whatever you choose, make sure it comes from the heart.

A sentimental person will appreciate a gift that shows you care.

Plus, they’re bound to appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into choosing such personal gifts.


If you know an old soul, then gifts that invoke nostalgic feelings are sure to be a hit.

Gifts that are old-fashioned or have a vintage look will help an old soul feel connected to bygone eras.

Whether it’s a classic book, an antique piece of jewelry, or a retro item, these sentimental gift ideas for old souls will be cherished for years to come.

We hope these ideas for gifts helped you as much as they did with our older loved ones!

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