10 Gifts Anime Fans Will Love – Buying Guide

Choosing a gift for anime enthusiasts, whether it’s a birthday gift or a Christmas present, is not as simple as you think. It can be challenging to find the perfect present for the anime or manga fan in your life. 

That is why we bring you the best anime and manga figurines, Blu-rays, books, and clothing available this Christmas season, from Demon Slayer to Attack on Titan, Naruto, and My Hero Academia.

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

With so many anime shows out there, the gift selections are unlimited. We selected some classic anime favorites as well as one-of-a-kind Japanese-themed presents. Trust us! You will discover the perfect anime gift on our selection of anime presents.

Best Gifts For Anime Fans

Naruto Shippuden Collector’s Box

10 Gifts Anime Fans Will Love - Buying Guide 1

Naruto Shippuden’s exhilarating series has been wrapped up in this LookSee box as unique collectibles intended for a hardened shinobi! 

The box is under $60, and you get a lot of your money. The complete package is a look piece and a place to hold a great treasure.

The Naruto Shippuden LookSee Collector’s Box contains five one-of-a-kind treasures for the seasoned shinobi! Naruto fans can show their support for the exciting ninja epic with a full range of Naruto memorabilia! 

A giant Naruto keychain, an air freshener, a cute small shot glass, and our personal favorite, a BPA-free orange water bottle, were among the five gifts. Yes, we are enamored with a Hokage water bottle.

Any Naruto fan wishing to expand their collection will love this LookSee gift set. While sipping from your Naruto water bottler, stay comfortable with a nice fleece throw blanket. Collectors will also like the shot glass, air freshener, and Naruto keychain included in this box.

A Special Edition Blu-ray Set of Their Favorite Anime

10 Gifts Anime Fans Will Love - Buying Guide 2

Seeing your favorite anime’s animation on Blu-ray is already unequaled — but when a Blu-ray set comes in beautiful packaging, it becomes a stunning collector’s item with added gift ability. 

Collector’s and Limited Edition sets usually are more costly than Steelbook sets, although they typically come with bonus goods and OVAs (original video animation).

You can give them the Akira Bluray to an anime fan!

Akira Kurosawa is one of cinema’s all-time greats. Yes, you read that correctly: film. It’s excellent, not only in anime but in all movies!

Akira, which debuted in 1998 and features one of the most magnificent soundtracks ever and scene after scene of jaw-droppingly stunning artwork, is a terrifying tale of a nuclear future on the run-down streets of Tokyo. 

This film has never looked better than it does now, thanks to a new HD transfer on Blu-Ray. It would look great on the shelves of any anime lover.

Soundtrack CDs, mobile phone stands, toys, tiny booklets, and character bios and discussions are all included in some of these Blu-Ray sets.

A Vinyl Of Their Favorite Anime Soundtrack

10 Gifts Anime Fans Will Love - Buying Guide 3

Although animation and graphics visually transport you to a new universe, an anime’s soundtrack fully captivates you in the experience. 

Vinyl or CD of the whole soundtrack will make an excellent gift for your friend who loves to groove every time their favorite anime’s theme starts to play.

Which soundtrack to buy? We can help you with that too!

Spirited Away – Studio Ghibli’s films are beloved for their characters, narrative, or extraordinarily fantastical worlds and their characters, stories, and planets. 

They are also fascinating because of resident composer Joe Hisaishi’s immersive compositions, which he developed, composed, and played significant parts. 

His soothing piano and soaring orchestra transport the listener to worlds rich with emotion. 

This Spirited Away 2LP vinyl soundtrack would make an excellent present for any music enthusiast, much alone an anime fan.

My Hero Academia Figure

10 Gifts Anime Fans Will Love - Buying Guide 4

My Hero Academia is an animated series about a world where superhero powers have become ordinary and about a child who still aspires to become a superhero. Fans are continuously looking for new products to honor the series.

Let us be the first to inform you that if there’s one thing that anime fans adore above all else, it’s collectible figurines. 

All brands have seized on the series, from Funko to LoungeFly, but McFarlane Toys stands out with its action figures. Now, in 2021, the firm will release a new line of collectibles for fans, and we can confidently claim that these My Hero Academia figures are the greatest yet.

This year, McFarlane Toys has many figures to meet your demands. If you’re looking for All Might, Katsuki, Shoto, or Izuku, several five-inch figurines have been released recently. 

Shoto’s enlarged form even has lighting and sound effects going along with his half-and-half personality. So, if you only have time to buy one of these, we recommend Shoto!

Fullmetal Alchemist Box Set

10 Gifts Anime Fans Will Love - Buying Guide 5

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the latest addition to Japan’s most popular export, anime. However, one of the most challenging aspects of watching anime is finding it. 

While specialty streaming sites exist, and popular streaming services such as Netflix occasionally broadcast various anime programs, they cannot always be depended upon. 

Furthermore, anime series are, on the whole, massive and extremely long. Thankfully, boxsets like this one are available at a reasonable price, giving you an anime enthusiast everything they need to watch one of the best series out there whenever and wherever they want.

Death Note Figurine or Notebook

10 Gifts Anime Fans Will Love - Buying Guide 6

One of Japan’s most well-known creations is this terrifying-looking character. Death Note is a dark anime series about a young boy who discovers a strange book and the beast (shown) that owns it. 

This Ryuk figurine, meticulously crafted, will take pride of place on any Death Note fan’s collecting shelf. If you’re unsure if your receiver would enjoy Death Note, rest easy knowing that a live-action adaptation of the anime series was a massive hit in Europe and the Americas.

Another most popular gift choice for Death Note lovers is the death notebook! A notebook and a feather bookmark are included. You will have 120 pages to fill, and it is totally up to you what you want to do with it – write names or not. The book Deathnote is available on Amazon.

Sailor Moon Makeup

10 Gifts Anime Fans Will Love - Buying Guide 7

The full Sailor Moon ColourPop line is back in sale, with this lovely eyeshadow palette including hue names based on the popular anime. 

The ColourPop Pretty Guardian 12-Pan Pressed Powder Shadow Palette is part of the brand’s upcoming Sailor Moon line. Nine eyeshadows, two Pressed Pigments, and one Pressed Glitter are included.

This is a must-have beauty set for any anime enthusiast featuring vibrant pastels, plenty of sparkles, and a “Sailor Moon” motif.

We checked this palette and can attest to its high quality: the tones are ultra-pigmented and ideal for individuals who enjoy pastels. Blushes, glitter gels, and liquid lips in the collection can be purchased as a set for $89. 

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who likes Sailor Moon or cosmetics, this is a must-have.

Sailor Moon Figure

Usagi Tsukino appears to be a typical adolescent who enjoys fashion and spending time with her close pals. She can, however, turn into a superhero with lunar abilities. 

This figure is an excellent addition to any anime presents for her collection. The statue includes replaceable faces and hands, allowing for a variety of looks and various stances. The set consists of multiple accessories, including Luna and her Moon Stick. ​

If you’re a fan of this series, Super Sailor Moon is another extraordinary figure that goes well with the others. Her trinkets and faceplates are fantastic, especially since this update allows you to use her previous faceplates. 

If a friend or family member is a big admirer of Sailor Moon, you can go about looking for different Sailor Moon figures to build a fantastic Sailor Guardians collection!

Overall, she’s a lovely figure that any Sailor Moon fan should have.

Hypland’s Streetwear Naruto Collection

Hypland, a streetwear brand, has created a Naruto line. This fantastic crossover goes much beyond the standard of cheaply made anime-themed apparel, even for fans of both street style and anime. T-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, sweatpants, and rugs are among the items available.

Their clothing is brightly colored and composed of high-quality fabrics. If you know someone whose favorite anime character is Naruto, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of outfit alternatives.

Choose this perfect birthday or Christmas present for your anime-obsessed family member or friend.

Naruto Ramen Bowl & Chopsticks

10 Gifts Anime Fans Will Love - Buying Guide 8

This Naruto Dinnerware Set will satiate your noodle cravings. It is a two-piece ramen set ideal for Naruto Shippuden fans looking to add a nerdy twist to their meals.

Nothing appears tastier or more enticing than anime food, in our opinion. A well-drawn food has a certain wholesome, vibrant, and welcoming quality to it, and watching Naruto gulp down his favorite ramen makes you wish you were sitting next to him doing the same. That’s exactly what you can accomplish with this Naruto Shippuden bowl and chopstick set. 

The bowl has an ingenious, built-in chopstick holder on one side and the Ichiraku Ramen logo (Naruto’s favorite restaurant) on the other, with a picture of Naruto eating on one side and the Ichiraku Ramen logo (Naruto’s favorite restaurant) on the other.

Anime enthusiasts enjoy Japanese food and animation, so this appears to be the ideal present for any fan.

These officially approved ceramic noodle bowls feature a set of wooden chopsticks and a built-in chopstick holder so that you can eat a large amount of your favorite food. 

The sturdy ceramic material is ideal for gobbling up a massive bowl of ramen, pho, miso soup, noodles, and more daily.

A Subscription to Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is an anime website where you can watch current seasons of new anime in high definition. 

You can watch anything without advertisements if you upgrade to Crunchyroll Premium for $6.95 a month, which is a wonderful option and a fantastic anime-watching experience. This is a modest gift to give, particularly as an afterthought or a small surprise present.

Crunchyroll is the anime fandom’s command center, with an extensive digital manga library for reading and an anime library for streaming. Premium membership is a gift of an upgraded viewing experience, as it allows your friend to stream the most recent anime episodes, as well as old favorites, without interruption.


If you’re unfamiliar with manga, think of it as the Japanese equivalent of a comic book. Almost every anime series begins as a manga series before being adapted for television. 

Manga is an excellent gift idea because you may offer a complete collection to someone if you know they enjoy a specific anime, or you can send 2-5 different single manga volumes and let your giftee choose their favorite. 

Before you buy someone a manga, see what kinds of anime/manga they like and what they’ve already seen and read.

Even if someone has seen the entire anime series, that doesn’t imply they wouldn’t like reading the manga adaptation.

There is a lot of manga available online. Naruto, Bleach, Deathnote are to name a few.


Give one of these presents to an anime enthusiast, and you will be sure to make their day. Whether you go with décor, a sweatshirt, or a Crunchyroll subscription, any reference to anime will be an interesting gift for any anime fan.

Are you ready to go on a shopping spree? You don’t always need a reason to buy a present for your loved ones. Even a tiny surprise could bring a smile to your friend’s face! There are numerous alternatives and costs, so we are confident that everyone will find something within their budget.

We hope our list of anime presents provided you with some inspiration on what to get an anime fan.

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