First Day Of School Gifts That Children Would Love

The first day of the new term is an extremely exciting time for children of all ages. New stationery, a fancy backpack, and the chance to meet their friends. 

Of course, walking hand in hand with that excitement is the anxiety of starting a new term, especially if they’re changing classrooms or teachers.

But the right gift can ease that stress and make their first day back all the more special. 

So if you’re looking for the best first day of school gifts and don’t know where to begin, this list will help you get started.

1. Colorful Pens

First Day Of School Gifts That Children Would Love 1

You can’t go wrong with a set of colorful pens. Get a 12 or 24 pack so your child has their pick of colors. 

You can even pick glitter pens or a specific cartoon set based on your child’s interests. Between art class and notebook doodling, they’re going to love it! 

Plus, it’ll be a huge hit among their friends. This Paper Mate set on Amazon is a great 24 color set with specially designed ink that doesn’t smear. 

2. Bracelet Set

When your child first starts going to preschool they may find it difficult to be away from you for long periods. 

One way to avert the anxiety is by getting an emotional momento like a bracelet set. The best part is that you can spend some time looking for the perfect set together. 

Try one with lava beads or a simple paracord set.

Look up school comfort bracelets and you’ll find tonnes of options for both boys and girls. 

And if you want to involve your partner in the fun try getting 2 sets of bracelets. 

This is a great way to ease the separation anxiety little children often feel going back to school. 

3. Custom Name Keychain

First Day Of School Gifts That Children Would Love 2

You wouldn’t ordinarily think a keychain would be the best gift for your preschooler. 

After all, they probably don’t have any keys. 

But getting your child a personalized name keychain is a great idea. 

Not only will they have fun carrying it around and showing it off to all their friends, but it will also give them a cute and artsy way to label their backpack.  

And if you want to gain some extra points order a few extras for their best friends. 

4. Hand sanitizer Case

These days there’s no way you can send your child out of the house without a large bottle of hand sanitizer. 

But some children might feel shy about pulling out their sanitizer in class no matter how often you drill it into their heads. 

One way to keep them safe and stylish is by getting them a cute hand sanitizer case.

For example, this cute light-up camera sanitizer case will clip right onto their backpack. 

It looks great and is within easy reach so they won’t feel shy about pulling it out of their bag.

5. Backpack

First Day Of School Gifts That Children Would Love 3

A new backpack will make any child’s year. 

You can personalize it to their interests. 

If your little girl is obsessed with glittery pink this Pretty Pink Backpack is a great choice. 

Or better yet this Rainbow Glitter Backpack

If your child is obsessed with any specific cartoons or superheroes you can look for themed backpacks to get them through the year. 

And if nothing else fits the bill try one of these personalized backpacks in sports patterns.

If your child is looking to get involved in athletics they’ll love these jersey-like designs.

6. Notebooks

First Day Of School Gifts That Children Would Love 4

There are endless options when it comes to fun notebooks for children. 

These graphic notebooks come in many cute designs from sports and trains to butterflies and mermaids. 

And if you can’t find the perfect design you can always try a personalized name notebook.

Notebooks are great first-day-of-school gifts because they give children the motivation to start writing and journaling, which can turn into a lifelong habit. 

This Shark Furry Journal is a personal favorite. 

7. Slime

If you have young children in the house you’ll know that slime is all the rage. Get your child a box to slime and they’ll be the more popular kid in school. 

Or better yet, get them a make-your-own slime kit so they can experiment and be creative. 

With endless instructional videos on youtube, you can easily turn this into a bonding activity that your child will love. 

8. Six Color Pens

First Day Of School Gifts That Children Would Love 5

You may recognize these class pens from your own childhood. But the good news is that the retractable pen is back in and loved by children in classrooms across the state. 

They’re affordable and fun, plus your child is sure to love them. 

Place your order online now and surprise them with these amazing drawing tools. 

9. Coloring Books

Get a few fun coloring books for some group fun. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping for a child in preschool or middleschool the best part about coloring books is that you can find themes everyone will enjoy. 

This soothing activity gives your child something to do with their friends at playtime or to unwind after they come home. 

10. Fidget Poppers

While fidget spinners have got a bit out of fashion, fidget poppers are the new in thing. 

These colorful rubber toys come in a range of fun shapes and sizes, squares, circles, diamonds, and even hearts. 

Designed to replicate the fun and satisfaction of popping bubble wrap, but in an eco-friendly and reusable rubber form, fidget poppers are the perfect gift for children of any age and even adults. 

They fit easily in the palm of your hand and give you something to do. Plus they’ll help your child calm their back-to-school nerves.

Finding the perfect first day of school gifts can seem like a daunting task, but it all comes down to how well you know your child. 

Playoff of their interests and you can’t go wrong. On the plus side, it’s really easy to get children excited over new toys. 

And with a few colorful markers or some slime, you can easily make their day!

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