Easter Jewellery Gifts – Our Top 7 Jewelry Gift Ideas

Jewelry can make a great gift at any time of the year, and Easter is no exception.

Although we tend to think of this holiday as being more of a chocolate and candy affair, it can also be the perfect time to give a lovely token of jewelry to a loved one.

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

That could be anything from a bride bracelet to a sister pearl – or even a handful of trinkets to go with an Easter bouquet.

With that in mind, here are some fantastic Easter jewellery gifts that you can give to your loved ones this year. 

Top 7 Easter Jewelry Gift Ideas


Easter is the perfect time for light, bright colored jewelry.

From pearl bracelets to silver or gold chains, you can buy a trinket for each of your loved ones that can last lifetimes to come.

The great thing about bracelets, too, is that they are commonly worn by men and women.

You could opt for personalised bracelets for each of your loved ones and add them to their Easter Baskets as a special gift for the day. 

Consider opting for cubic zirconia bracelets as a great starting point.

Charm bracelets 

Charm bracelets are extremely popular – and always timeless – especially around this time of year.

The great thing about these bracelets is that you can add to them every year.

You can start with just the one charm to mark the day, the occasion, and the person wearing it.

Again, they are easy to come by online and are gifts that can last a lifetime. 

DIY charm bracelets are fantastic fun and are available on Amazon.

Bracelet Links and Charms

From a watch bracelet to a singular style, one of the best ways of showing someone you care is by adding to the jewelry that they wear every day.

You can easily choose a bracelet link that matches the style, color, and material of their bracelet and make it special by opting for an addition with an Easter theme.

You could symbolize new life, for example, with spring symbols or even Easter flowers – or with religious iconography.

For the full DIY approach, it may be worth investing in a complete bracelet kit to make things super-personal!


Everyone loves a good watch and well-made models often stay with us for life.

Easter Jewellery Gifts blog post image

Many of us wear them every day, and being gifted one can be a big deal – at Easter or otherwise.

By gifting your loved one a watch that they can keep with them every day for years to come, you will help to ensure that every time that they look at it they are reminded of a happy time, with their loved ones, and of course, memories of spring.

Alternatively, if you really want to stick to the Easter theme, and you know someone who has an Apple Watch, why not try a spring-themed watch strap?


Be it a simple chain or a necklace with a charm, pearls, etc.; necklaces make for timelessly beautiful gift ideas.

You can easily switch out the chain if need be, and the necklace can become their go-to jewelry for this holiday, or for everyday use.

Let your recipient know how much they mean to you by buying a charm or pendant that means something to them (for example, their favorite stone, their initials, their birthstone, a meaningful shape, etc).

Or, again, you could really get into the spirit of Easter with this super-cute bunny necklace.


Rings can be a little difficult to buy for loved ones as getting the size just right can be difficult.

That being said, there are plenty of online stores and jewelry retailers that will let you exchange the rings or even adapt them to the exact size of the person’s finger, should that be necessary.

Moreover, rings are yet another piece of jewelry that are commonly worn by both men and women, and are very easy to come by in different styles, materials, shapes, and sizes.

They also fit a variety of budgets, and are often worn everyday as they are so easy to wear, and simple to match with our clothes. 

A memorable Easter ring, for example, may be adorned with a bunny – again, keeping in with the spring theme.


A set of earrings is a great Easter gift idea, especially if you have many to people to buy for, and/or you’re on a budget.

They are cute little pieces of jewelry that can fit into any Easter Basket, and can be stylish, silly, memorable or striking.

Earrings are also commonly great gifts for children and adults, and for the kids especially, are pieces of jewelry that they will be able to keep for life –  even more so if they associate them with a special time of year.

If you really want to lean into the novelty, check out these brilliant Easter Basket earrings at Amazon.

Guide to Choosing the Best Easter Jewelry Gifts

When it comes to choosing Easter jewelry gifts, the main thing to remember is to go for quality.

Quality can come in all price ranges and has many benefits.

The better manufactured your jewelry is, the longer it will last – and the longer your loved ones will keep these sweet gifts with them.

From sterling silver, even to gold plated jewelry, good craftsmanship is always worth the money.

Finally, you should also remember to make the gift individual to the style of the receiver.

It can be difficult to maintain individuality in the presents on this holiday, as it is more about general family time, and can also be a solemn, religious affair.

However, dedicating some time to the celebration of your loved ones and who they are as individuals is a great way of making Easter that little bit more memorable.


From your mom to your daughter, your father to your son and of course all of the siblings, it’s important to ensure that everyone in the family feels special at Easter.

As is the case with any gift, the price doesn’t matter nearly as much as the sentiment.

Taking the time to find the best jewelry in the perfect style, size, and with a meaning behind them will go a long way.

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