Easter Gifts for Dogs – Present Ideas For Your Furry Friends

Everyone deserves a happy Easter, even our fluffy friends.

Although we don’t usually tend to think of Easter as being a particularly dog-friendly holiday (given the amount of chocolate that is everywhere), there are actually plenty of things that you can do to treat your dog this Easter season – and it all starts with some great Easter gift ideas for dogs.

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make them feel loved, and help to ensure that everyone has a Happy Easter in your home.

Here are the best gifts that you can buy for your dog ( some of which will also do for your cat! ) this season.

Top 7 Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Your Dog 

Rabbit toy 

The very first thing on your list of Easter gifts for your dog should be a rabbit toy.

Let them enter into the festivities by playing with their own bunny – and there are plenty of fun options to choose from online, varying in sizes, strength, colors, and pricing.

The great thing about this gift is that it is as much for your pup as it is for you and your kids.

You’ll get to play outside with your pet all day long, even during the egg hunt – and with any luck, it’ll last a while to come.

Easter dog collar 

Many of us want to look our best during holiday seasons, whether in pretty dresses or suits and ties.

So, why shouldn’t your pup get to dress up with the family?

Get them their very own Easter collar or even an Easter bandana that they can wear with pride and look their absolute best in the family photos.

Again, online you’ll find a wide range of beautiful collars and bandanas specifically made for Easter, with different prints, textures, and prices. Check them out.

Hide and seek carrot toy 

This next gift is perfect for any pooch – it costs less than $13 and is the perfect interactive toy to help to keep your pet occupied and mentally stimulated.

Each bunny has a squeaker inside to pique your dog’s interest, as they spend potentially hours getting the little bunnies out of the carrot.

This present is make great Easter gifts for dogs; however, if your dogs are heavy chewers, and are more likely to rip the toy apart, then you may want to consider a stronger toy. 

Carrot rope toy 

 Easter Present Ideas For Your Furry Friends blog post image

So your fluffy friend needs a stronger toy.

Well, we have the perfect one right here – and yes, it sticks to the Easter theme.

As a rope toy, this gift is far stronger than most others and is bound to keep any dog happy for as long as possible.

You could even have fun and hide multiple carrot toys yourself around the garden, as their own Easter hunt. Take a look at carrot rope toys on Amazon.

Handmade dog treats 

Easter is a time for chocolate, candy, and anything sweet – and why shouldn’t it be the same for our pups?

Of course, our human candy and chocolate are very dangerous for dogs.

However, you can easily have stunning handmade Easter dog treats sent right to your door.

These dog treats are completely safe for your pup and are even flavored to their tastes.

Consider taking a look at these doggie donuts as a starting point.

Bunny ears 

So your dog has the Easter collar, but what about the ears?

Dog Easter bunny ears are so easy to come by and are absolutely adorable – and your dog can play the role of Easter Bunny this year to save you from having to wear the suit.

There are even bunny ears for cats, too, to help your pets match. Again, bunny ears are fantastic fun.

Easter Basket 

Finally, the very best thing that you could do for your dog is to create their own dog Easter Basket.

Put all of their toys and a tasty treat in a dog Easter basket that they can carry around with everyone – nothing will make them feel more involved and loved than having their own set of wonders in their very own bundle.

Making a dog Easter basket can be a lot of fun, and it sometimes feels like a shame to leave our pets out of the holiday festivities.

Therefore, we suggest you start out with getting a great Easter basket and filling it from there.

Why Make or Buy an Easter Gift Basket for Dogs?

Making a doggy Easter Basket may seem a little strange, but you can trust us when we say that it could be one of the very best things that you ever do for your pet.

Everyone likes getting treats on Easter morning, and your dog should get theirs, too.

Easter baskets are common features in plenty of spring celebrations – and it’s never too hard to set up a canine-friendly basket full of the treats and toys that dogs love.

You can fill your Dog’s Easter Basket with a dog toy or two, treats and snacks, and even presents such as the cute rabbit ears and/or Easter dog collars.

You could even try putting some real carrots in there, which are perfectly healthy for them. Treating the dog to a fun Easter basket will also help to get your kids into the holiday spirit, too.

If we spoil ourselves, we should absolutely spoil our pets, too.

Just as you’d wrap a few gifts for your dog at Christmas, consider doing the same for them at Easter.


As you can see, there are plenty of things that you can do to spoil your dog this Easter, from treats and toys to costumes and new clothes.

Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed to have the best Easter pictures ever with your pets.

What’s more, as mentioned, setting up a dog friendly Easter basket also helps to make things great fun for the kids, too – get the puppy involved and the whole family can enjoy sweet treats and silly gifts this spring.

The above gift ideas are only the beginning, too – time to let your imagination run wild.

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