Easter Beer Gifts – Best Present Ideas for Beer Drinkers

Easter baskets do not have to be only for kids, and they do not only have to contain chocolate, either – who else sets the rules but you?

The holidays are a time for celebrating in any form, including with some great beers. As it happens, beers can make a great gift for loved ones at springtime, too.

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

However, you will need to make it a little more special than just a bottle of their usual beer.

With that in mind, here is a list of the best Easter beer gifts for the beer fan in your life this Easter, as well as a gift guide to buying the best, most affordable beer presents.

Top 5 Easter Gift Ideas for the Beer Lover in Your Life


Coasters make excellent gifts for any beer lover.

They represent more than just not staining their tables with their beers, as they can be personalized to them.

They can almost become like accessories for your loved one’s own home bar.

You can have their initials printed on them, their names, friends and family photos, their favorite beer logo, their favorite bar, etc.

They are inexpensive, will fit into any Easter gift basket, and can be found online and delivered right to your door.

Here’s some great starter coasters on Amazon to whet your appetite.

Bottle openers

Anyone who likes beer knows that you can never have enough bottle openers – we always seem to find ourselves without one at hand, which can be a real pain.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of interesting bottle openers out there, in woods, metals, different colors, styles, etc.

You could even get the beer lover in your life a keychain bottle opener for the times they’re having drinks away from home.

You could even make this gift extra special by adding a bottle top box with it.

That way, they can keep all of the cool bottle tops they’ve used and collect keepsakes from the great drinks they’ve shared with loved ones.

Check out this super-stylish motorbike bottle opener, available on Amazon.

A variety of special beers

No beer drinker will ever be disappointed with a selection of new beers to try.

You could always get them a set of their favorite drinks, but why not surprise them with some specialty beers that you have come across?

You can easily find world beers in stores around you, certain bars, and especially online.

The great thing about buying beers online is that you can find a wider variety of blends and even some bottlings from around the world.

Moreover, you can buy them in a gift basket and get delivered right to your door. Easter baskets make for a great gift in keeping with the Easter theme.

Beer glasses

A nice beer glass is always a great present.

Again, you can have them personalized to your loved one by putting a sweet message on it, their initials, etc.

It will likely become their new favorite glass, and they will want to use it all of the time – hopefully!

You could even make this gift more Easter-related by filling the glass with Easter eggs or the hints for their Easter egg hunt – and you can get started by buying a set of beer glasses direct from Amazon.

Bar snacks

Finally, fill a beer lover’s Easter Basket with their favorite bar snacks.

You can make them a little more special by getting:

  • flavored peanuts and other nuts
  • foreign chips
  • candy
  • popcorn
  • cheese
  • and of course, fun Easter chocolate and candy

You can even get liquor flavored chocolates to complete the gift.

Just ensure that there are no children around that might want to taste your loved one’s treats – this tasty pub mix might be a great starting point.

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Beer Gift Buying Guide For Easter

Beer is a great gift pretty much at any holiday – there are so many different kinds, brands and flavors, and so many great gifts that you can get to go with it.

The best thing that you can do is ask your loved ones about the beers that they enjoy.

If you do not know much about beer, then do not hesitate to ask a professional at a bar, a brewery, or a beer shop, for their suggestions for similar bottles, new arrivals, special brews, etc.

You could also ask them about the drinks that they have always wanted to try and find them online – it shouldn’t take you too long to find beer bottles they’re going to want to buy for themselves in future.

Then, to make the perfect Easter Basket, simply buy one that is big enough to hold the beer, as well as any of the other gifts that you have bought for them.

You’re going to need a basket that’s pretty sturdy – and be careful to arrange beer bottles so that they don’t spill out or risk smashing.

It is definitely a good idea to include a bottle opener in their basket, or remember to bring one yourself to ensure that they can get straight to their beer no matter where you’re hosting Easter this year – you’re going to want this perfect beer basket to cover all bases.


The Easter Bunny is definitely known for bringing chocolate eggs during the holiday season, but why couldn’t they also bring some great beers for the adults?

Many of us already celebrate Easter with some nice alcoholic drinks, so why not make it extra special for your beer-loving friend or family member by getting them some extra special craft beer paired with some of the best bar snacks that you can find?

Relax together with some delicious beer and gourmet treats.

Again, just remember to ensure that none of the kids try to sample your friend’s Easter beer basket!

This kind of Easter gift basket can come in a wide range of prices, styles and can be composed by yourself or bought complete in local stores, or online.

As mentioned above, there’s plenty of cool and interesting beer-related gifts you can buy to fill your own basket with as you ring in spring – and many more happy occasions to come.

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