19 Scented Candles That Make a Great Christmas Present – Learn About the Scents

Whether you need a small item to stash under the tree this year or a fail-safe hostess gift, a Christmas scented candle is always a great option. Scented candles are one of the most beautiful holiday gifts that set the mood, whether that means coziness, relaxation, or a combination of the two.

In this article, we’ll point out some of the best holiday-friendly scented candle gifts. Additionally, we’ll provide you with eight reasons why candles make great gifts.

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

19 Scented Candle Gifts 

Below, we will describe 19 of the best candle gifts to consider giving to your loved ones this holiday season.

Set of 3 Holiday Scented Candles 

19 Scented Candles That Make a Great Christmas Present - Learn About the Scents 1

This set of 3 holiday scented candles from Diptyque are to die for! The pack contains three limited-edition scents: spicy holiday pastry, white musk- & mimosa snowflake, and fresh & slightly smoky Pine tree.

Portable Fireplace 

This candle from Huckberry is ideal for that person on your list that has always dreamed of owning a fireplace. All they have to do is light it and close their eyes. They’ll be greeted with the scent of cedar, pine, and birch, along with copaiba resin and smoke- which is almost like having a real fireplace.

Cypress & Fir Lolli Glass Candle

If you have a fake tree but still want the Christmas-y smell in your home, the earthy notes of this cypress & fir scented candle from Paddywax helps. This candle will give you the feeling of having a real tree without having to pick up pine needles until next Christmas.

Bibliotheque Candle

Chances are, you have a loved one on your gift list that can’t get enough of that old-fashioned smell of a book. The Bibliotheque candle from Nordstrom features notes of patchouli, plum, leather, sweet vanilla, and peony.

Juniper Berry Scented Candle 

19 Scented Candles That Make a Great Christmas Present - Learn About the Scents 2

Loewe Home Scent’s Juniper Berry Scented candle smells lovely, and the glazed terra-cotta container makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Forest Scented Candle Gift Set

You probably have that loved one on your gift list that always has a candle burning. This fragrant, woody/floral candle set comes from Brooklyn Candle Studio and contains three soy-based candles. The total burn time of this set is 50 hours.

Cuffing Season Candle 

This cute candle from beauty influencer, Jackie Aina and Sephora, will help you remind your significant other what season it is once the temperatures drop.

Fallen Fur Scented Candle 

This holiday candle is perfect for welcoming in the Christmas spirit. It features notes of winter spice, balsam fir, and musk. You can find this at Otherland, and it can be personalized and added to a 3-pack set.

Holiday Votive Candle Set 

Nordstrom offers a Holiday votive candle set called “Boy Smells.” These candles are made from a blend of beeswax and coconut and have a braided wick that provides a burn time of around 18 hours per candle.

London Scented Candle 

The London Scented candle from Net-a-Porter provides you with a warm, spicy scent to carry you through the winter. The notes of patchouli, vetiver, black pepper, oud, and cedar are inviting and uplifting. The brass jar serves as a gorgeous piece of art.

Harlem Candle Co. Seneca Candle 

19 Scented Candles That Make a Great Christmas Present - Learn About the Scents 3

The Metropolitan Museum of Art joined together with the Harlem Candle Company to create a gorgeous double-wick candle that’s perfect for the art lover in your life that also loves a great scented candle.

Demi Iced Metal Candle 

This candle from Nordstrom features notes of patchouli leaves, warm vanilla, cedarwood, and smoke accords. You can be sure that the recipient can use it to warm up any room in their home.

Ski House Feu de Bois Glass Candle 

Even if you and those on your gift list are not planning to hit the slopes this winter, you might want to consider at least mentally transporting yourself there with this candle from Lafco at Saks Fifth Avenue. This fragrant seasonal candle is inspired by the fragrance of crisp winter air.

Deck the Halls Candle Gift Set 

This is a beautiful gift set that features eight mini candles for your loved one to enjoy, along with one full-sized candle that features a blood orange/sun-dried goji berry scent. You can find this candle at Anthropologie.

Snuggly Sweater Wooden Wick Candle 

This snuggly sweater wooden wick candle from Jean Gray Candle Company is perfect for the holiday season. It features a warm blend of leather, amber, bergamot, and musk.

Jewish Christmas Candle 

19 Scented Candles That Make a Great Christmas Present - Learn About the Scents 4

The Jewish Christmas candle might be based on the Jewish tradition of eating Chinese food and watching movies on Christmas- but it’s got a pleasant scent. The notes of buttered popcorn round out the other notes of warm winter spices.

Aura Sandalwood & Juniper Scented Glass Jar Candle 

This candle is impressive because it has a wooden wick that crackles as it burns. This means that it serves as two gifts in one: the wonderful fragrance and the crackling of a campfire.

Fabulous Candle 

19 Scented Candles That Make a Great Christmas Present - Learn About the Scents 5

If you want a gift to show your loved one how you feel about them, a candle from Tom Ford will do the trick. You can find these candles at Nordstrom.

Why do candles make great gifts?

When you’re trying to find that ideal gift for that special someone on your holiday list, it can be a bit challenging. Scented candles are a great gift, no matter what the occasion. Here are five reasons why candles make great gifts.

Candles Provide Great Value for the Money 

Candles are an excellent value for the money and can be quite budget-friendly. You can find a variety of handmade luxury candles to fit almost any price point. You won’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Candles are Long-Lasting & Memorable 

Candles, the good quality ones, are long-lasting and make memorable gifts. You can be sure that they will provide fragrance for many hours, and the person you give it to will be reminded of you when they smell it.

Even when not lit, scented candles make a lovely décor piece and look just as good as they smell. Some candle companies even allow you to personalize the container they come in and the lid that’s on top.

Clothing styles will come and go, and wines and chocolates disappear quickly- but a scented candle will last for much longer.

Candles are Popular & Practical

When you’re giving a gift, it’s a great idea to give something practical that can be used regularly. Candles fit that description and are something that everyone enjoys. According to the experts, both men and women appreciate candles for a variety of occasions.

Candles are Diverse 

Another reason candles make great gifts is because they are diverse. While we’re focusing on Christmas in this article, candles are great gifts for various occasions. 

Additionally, they come in various shapes/forms with several components that make each one unique: type, color, container, scent, and wax.

Candles are Customizable 

Since there are so many options for candles: scents, colors, types, containers, etc., it’s easy to customize your gift to fit the person you’re buying for; this means you’re more likely to choose something that your recipient will enjoy.


If you’re looking for a gift to stash under the tree “just in case” or something to give a hostess when you go to holiday parties, a candle is a perfect solution. You can find candles in a variety of scents, colors, sizes, etc. There are so many different options; you’re sure to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. 

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