13 Best Xmas Socks to Gift [That Make Them Cool Again!]

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Yes, it’s finally that time of year again! Time to start shopping to find that ever-elusive perfect gift for your loved ones. 

If you’re having trouble finding something, consider a pair of cozy xmas socks. After all, Christmas is a time when our hearts are warm, and our feet are a bit chilly! 

Yes, I know…socks are boring presents usually bought for you by your totally uncool Aunt!

Stop rolling your eyes because the following are a few reasons why socks might be a good (and cool!) idea if you’re unsure what to get someone. 

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

Which Xmas Socks to Give?

Now that we’ve talked about what great gift socks make for everyone on your list – it’s time to start looking at some fun socks (by the way, did you know studies prove people who wear whacky socks are more successful!? It’s true). 

Below, find 12 of the best socks to choose from for the perfect Christmas gift. 

Costume Agent Adult Ugly Christmas Sweater Socks

These cute socks feature the famous line “Merry Christmas ya filthy animals” from the cute movie Home Alone. Truthfully, there’s no better way to wish someone a Merry Christmas.

The red and green coloring provides these socks with a truly Christmasy look and feels- and they’re knee-high socks that will keep the wearer toasty warm all winter long. 

Watching Christmas Movies Socks 

This pair of socks is perfect for the person that loves to kick back and watch Christmas movies all season. They feature the saying, “If you can read this, I’m watching Hallmark Christmas movies,” to make sure that absolutely no one will disturb them.

After all, if they can read the bottom of the wearer’s feet, they’ll know it’s serious. The socks come in black/grey or grey/red. Plus, they look just like regular socks when you can’t see the bottom of them, so they can be worn anytime! 

Gold Toe Printed Novelty Crew Socks 

13 Best Xmas Socks to Gift [That Make Them Cool Again!] 1

These adorable socks are perfect for dog lovers! They feature a dog in a Christmas hat, which is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

The socks are made of a material that provides a secure fit and is comfortable and durable. Plus, they have a reinforced toe- which is the place where novelty socks typically come unraveled. 

Good Luck Sock Sweater Dinosaurs Socks 

These Christmas socks are great for office wear. They feature dinosaurs, such as the T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops on a red/blue background. 

However, they’re not your typical dinos. They are here to celebrate Christmas! They all have on their very own Christmas sweater! 

In addition to the dinos sporting sweaters, white snowflakes are scattered about to add to the Christmas theme. 

Hyp Star Wars Vader/Stormtrooper Christmas Socks 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the sci-fi fan on your list, look no further than the Star Wars Vader/Stormtrooper Christmas socks! 

After all, when someone mentions Darth Vader or Stormtroopers, the first thing a sci-fi junky thinks about is Christmas! Therefore, it only makes sense to get these socks for them. 

This colorful pattern also features TIE and AT-Ats, which add to the Star Wars presence.

BengPro Warm Winter Slipper Socks 

The BengPro Warm Winter Slipper Socks are the ideal gift for anyone who places priority on comfort. These socks are one size fits most women’s US 5 to 9 and are made to keep feet nice and toasty. 

They are bright red and have a 3D knitted Rudolph on the front to make them look very Christmasy. 

Sock it to Me Crew Holiday Socks 

These socks are an excellent way to give your loved ones a laugh during the Christmas holidays; they’re made from a blend of fabrics that fits securely on feet. 

There are lots of styles available, including a design featuring a snowman that warns you not to eat yellow snow, aliens beaming Santa and his reindeer to their spaceship, and injured gingerbread men headed to the hospital. These are sure to become a favorite to wear all year long. 

Treehouse Knit Fuzzy Slipper Socks 

After a long day at work, most people want nothing more than to come home and slip into something more comfortable. The Treehouse Knit Fuzzy Slipper Socks are just what is needed. The soles of these socks feature anti-slip pads, and the fleece lining makes them one of the most comfortable socks you’ll ever put on.

They come in various designs, including Santa, reindeer, hearts, snowflakes, and more. 

Seuss Grinchmas Crew Socks 

For the Dr. Suess fan, the Dr. Seuss Grinchmas Crew Socks make the perfect gift. If you don’t get a pair for the teen or young adult on your list, then you’re a mean one! 

One of the socks features the face of the Grinch emblazoned on it all across the entire sock. The other one features stars and snowflakes as well as the Grinch’s face on it. These are absolutely perfect for anyone that loves this iconic movie. 

MWMart Christmas Socks 

Of course, toe socks always have to be on a list of the “Best of” when it comes to socks because they’re just so cute! Whether you love snowflakes, Santa, or Rudolph, you’re sure to find a pair of MWMart Christmas socks that are to die for!  

These socks are unisex and come in a four-pack, so there’s enough for the whole family! They incorporate a variety of colors, which gives you an attention-grabbing piece of clothing. Plus, since they have coverings for each toe individually, they can be worn with flip flops/sandals to show them off! 

Gone for a Run Running Socks 

13 Best Xmas Socks to Gift [That Make Them Cool Again!] 2

These running socks are perfect for the runner in your life! They provide sufficient protection for lower legs during a run, so you can be sure that your legs will remain warm and comfy. 

The red/white striped design is festive, like a candy cane- or elf stockings. In addition to being perfect for running, they are also great for lounging around the house. 

TeeHee Christmas Holiday Socks Gift Box

The Christmas Holiday Socks Gift Box from TeeHee contains 12 pairs of socks- one for every day of the 12 Days of Christmas! 

They feature designs such as candy canes, Christmas trees, Gingerbread men, and more! This set makes an excellent gift for your loved ones, co-workers, holiday gift exchanges, and so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Several questions come up when someone is considering purchasing socks as a gift for someone. Below, we’ll answer some of those questions. 

Are Socks an Acceptable Gift?

Purchasing socks as a gift for your loved one is perfectly acceptable and normal; this is a tradition that dates back to when socks were still made by hand. 

Even though everything is done by machine, socks are still popular as a gift to this day. Socks can be both fun and functional- which means that they will be actually used, so it’s a joy to receive. If you want to make your loved ones laugh while also giving them something practical for the new year and beyond. 

Are Socks a Good Gift? 

While we’ve all heard of kids that complain when they get socks for Christmas, this doesn’t apply if the socks are fun! The truth is, it’s perfectly fine to give socks as a Christmas present. 

There are lots of people out there who actually get excited when they are given socks for a gift. Your loved one may even open their gift and say, “Wow, this is the best gift ever!” 

Additionally, socks can be combined with another small token, such as a bottle of wine or a Christmas movie on DVD, to make them smile. The possibilities are endless! 

Are Socks Good For a Gift Exchange? 

Absolutely! Socks are great for a gift exchange, especially since there’s a limit on how much you can spend most of the time. 

White elephant parties and office gift exchanges are great for fun socks. You’ll feel like the Christmas hero when you bring a pair of socks like some of the ones you’ll find on this list. These are sure to be in high demand when it comes time to pass the gifts around! 

Are Socks a Good Stocking Stuffer? 

Yes, socks are an excellent choice for a stocking stuffer- especially since they’re basically stockings that you wear! 

They are inexpensive and small and fit well with other stocking stuffers such as gift cards and candy. 

Are Socks Good For Someone That Already Has Everything? 

We’ve all got at least one person on our gift lists that already have everything. Socks make great gifts for these people since you can never have too many socks. 
After all, at least one out of every pair is going to be lost at some point. New socks are always welcome! 


Christmas is coming – and it’ll be here sooner than you might think! When you start making that gift list, it becomes a bit overwhelming to think about all the people you need to buy for. 

However, socks make a great gift – and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. They make great stocking stuffers and are ideal for the person that already has everything. 

Keep this in mind when you start shopping this year. 

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