Best Christmas Wall Hangings – Which One Should You Get to Gift Someone?

When it comes to Christmas wall décor, the sky is truly the limit. 

There are so many options out there, from last-minute, store-bought wall hangings to homemade décor that you put some time and effort into. Christmas wall hangings not only make your walls look great during the holiday season, but they also make great gifts. 

In this article, we’ll explore 21 of the best Christmas wall hangings to try out this holiday season. Hopefully, this will help you to come up with some creative gifts to give your loved ones! 

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

21 Christmas Wall Décor Ideas

These Christmas wall hangings not only decorate your walls and bring some holiday spirit to your home, but they also function as advent calendars, stocking holders, and even Christmas cardholders. 

You will find a variety of options here, from vintage décor to more modern ideas. There’s also plenty of options to include some greenery in your wall hangings. 

You’re bound to find something to fit every aesthetic you can think of. 

So, without any further delay, let’s explore some of these Christmas Wall Hanging options for your home and the homes of your loved ones! 

Frame & Ornament Display 

Best Christmas Wall Hangings - Which One Should You Get to Gift Someone? 1
Close up of Christmas decorations

This wall décor idea allows you to take any empty frame and turn it into gorgeous Christmas wall art. 

Simply take a narrow length of ribbon and thread a glass ball ornament onto it. Then, tie the ends together and attach it to the back of a wooden picture frame so that the ball hangs in the middle. 

Then, you can hang it on the wall with a standard picture hanger or add a piece of pretty Christmas ribbon as the hanger. 

For an instant piece of art, try framing scraps of decorative scrapbooking paper or gift wrap and hang them around your framed ornament. 

Dual Square Wreaths 

Everyone always goes with round wreaths, so that idea is pretty much-played out but have you ever tried square wreaths? 

Try creating a display of several on a wall above a sideboard or buffet. This will catch the eyes of your holiday party guests and be a great conversation starter. 

Christmas Greeting Card Display 

Every year, you get cards in the mail from your friends and loved ones. Instead of tossing them in a drawer or leaving them stacked on your kitchen table, why not turn them into a work of art?

Take a bulletin board and wrap it with batting covered in fabric. Then, draw a holiday design in the center with disappearing ink. Use ribbon to trace around the design you drew and cover with thumbtacks or glue it down.

Then, you can add your greeting cards to the board as you receive them. 

If you want, you can make it plain instead of holiday-themed, and you’ll have an adorable bulletin board to use year-round.

Memory Lane Picture Frames  

This makes a really great gift for your family and friends. Take some time to go through your old photos and gather some holiday pictures from years past. 

Then, mount those photos on some holiday scrapbook paper or gift wrap and place them in simple wooden frames. 

This will take you on a journey down memory lane and will be a gift that will be treasured for years to come. 

Wrapped Presents Wall Décor 

Take photo frames, wrap them with colorful holiday fabric, and add ribbons and bows to look like a present. Then, gift them to your loved ones so they can hang them around their home to bring a festive look to their walls. 

Wire Christmas Tree Wall Decoration

The Christmas tree is an iconic symbol of the holidays, so take this symbol and turn it into a piece of art by creating a display out of wire and ball ornaments. 

Take some craft wire and create a Christmas tree shape. Then, take smaller pieces of craft wire and create S-hooks to hang ornaments from. Add a glittery star or angel to the top as a tree topper and hang it on the wall. 

If you want to go a step further, you can frame the Christmas tree and then add a pretty bow to the top of the frame. 

Natural Wreaths 

We already mentioned doing something different by displaying square wreaths on the wall- but why not try natural wreaths instead? 

You can find wreaths in a variety of sizes at your local craft store. Decorate them by adding ribbon, holly berries, birds, flowers, etc.

Try adding a variety of sizes to make the display more interesting. 

Festive Holiday Card Ladder 

Creating a holiday card ladder display is another way to display all of those holiday cards that are flooding your mailbox. 

Simply take a painted ladder and attach bungee cords in an “X” pattern. Then, tuck the cards over and between the bungee cords. 

Additionally, you can add some hooks on the sides of the ladder to hang candy-filled cones or stockings- or anything else you want to. 

Winter White Medallions 

When hung on the wall in a group ceiling, medallions become fantastic wall art.

Of course, instead of using actual ceiling tiles, you’ll want to choose some reproductions because they don’t weigh nearly as much. They will be easier to handle and hang on your walls. 

Add some ribbons to make them look more festive and hang with adhesive hooks. If you want a little extra holiday flair, you can always add some ball ornaments on the front of the medallions. 

Cheery Wall Art 

Best Christmas Wall Hangings - Which One Should You Get to Gift Someone? 2

This makes an excellent display for your walls, as well as a gift idea. Additionally, you can get together with some friends and create these pieces together. 

Simply take a few canvases and paint them in your favorite holiday colors. Then, attach ribbons to the painted canvases in whatever pattern you choose, using double-sided tape to hold them in place. 

If you’re doing this with a group of friends, exchange the canvases so that you each have one from each of your other friends. Then, take them home and hang them so that you can enjoy them all season long.

Small Touches of Greenery 

One way that you can punch up your existing displays is to add some greenery and ornaments. This will bring instant holiday flair to anything you have on your walls already. 

Ornaments on Parade

You can prepare your home for your holiday parties by adding some festive flair to the wall décor you already have on display. 

Simply find holiday shapes that you like in holiday-themed coloring books or clip art and trace them onto foamboard, cardstock, or felt. 

Then, cut them out, embellish them however you wish, attach them to a silver cord, and hang them on a mirror. 

Bouquets of Fresh Greenery 

This idea is a bit more straightforward than many of the ones we’ve looked at so far. 

For this Christmas wall décor, you can use the branches from your Christmas tree. Display them as desired tucked into existing wall décor, and you’ve got an instant holiday lift. 

Holiday Dinner Plate Wreath 

No rule states that wreaths must be made of foliage. You can be a bit more creative instead. Take some holiday dinner plates and arrange them into a holiday wreath on the wall. 

If you want to save some time in the future, cut out a piece of wood in the shape of a wreath and attach the plates to it. 

This would make a really great gift for your loved ones – just keep in mind how much space they have (or don’t have) to display wall art. 

Joyful Plate Display 

This is another idea for holiday plate displays. Take some plain white plates, paired with holiday-themed dishes, and add lettering to spell out various holiday words “JOY,” “PEACE,” etc. 

You can cut out vinyl letters and attach them to the plates if you have a cutting machine. On the other hand, if you’re more artistic, you can paint them on or hand-letter each word onto each plate. 

There are so many possibilities with this one and since it’s a smaller piece of décor, it makes a great gift.

Ribbon Wrapped Doors 

This idea isn’t one you can actually gift but you can visit your loved ones and help them create this look. 

You can take some gift wrap and wrap it around interior doors. Then, create a bow out of a large ribbon and a hefty gift tag to attach to the door to finish out the look. 

Hanging Holiday Message Advent Calendar

Unless you have lived under a rock your entire life, you have probably seen the traditional advent calendars. This is an innovative twist on this idea. 

Take a piece of wide ribbon and attach it to the wall. Then, write holiday messages on small pieces of paper and roll them up into tiny scrolls. Tie them with a thin ribbon and attach these scrolls to the wide ribbon. 

Ensure that there are enough scrolls that there’s a message to be read each day until Christmas; this can also be done for any other holiday you choose- just make sure the letters are appropriate to the holiday that it’s leading up to. 

Bright & Cheery Holiday Mantel 

If you (or the person that you’re gifting) don’t have a mantel, this won’t really be the best idea that you’ll find.

Best Christmas Wall Hangings - Which One Should You Get to Gift Someone? 3

However, if there is a mantel available, take a canvas, wrap it in gift wrap, and tie it with a ribbon. Hang the canvas nearby for an easy piece of artwork. Fill some clear glass vases with ball ornaments and display them on the mantel. 

You can do one large one in the center, several small ones along the length of the mantel, or a variety of sizes. Then, hang some garland from the mantel and carefully hang stockings.


Christmas will be here before you know it, so it’s time to start thinking about decorating your home as well as potentially helping your loved ones decorate theirs. 

You may not have ever thought about it, but Christmas wall hangings do make great gifts. Hopefully, you have found a few great ideas here! 

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