Baseball Easter Gifts – Basket & Present Ideas

Easter is a time for family, warmer weather, and of course – candy and chocolate. However, it can also be a time to celebrate the individuals in your life.

If you have a baseball fan in your life, then why not make them a baseball Easter Basket?

As odd as it may seem, making a baseball-themed Easter Basket can actually make a lot of sense.

In a rush? Here are our top picks:

Now’s the time of year when we all start thinking about getting up, out, and more active – and there are some awesome baseball gifts out there that you can easily find to make up a unique basket or two.

With that in mind, here are six of the best Easter gift ideas for the baseball-loving person in your life! 

Top 6 Easter Gift Ideas for Baseball

Sports Easter Basket 

The first thing that you are going to need is a baseball themed basket.

You can find them online on Etsy or on Amazon, or even make one yourself!

The great thing about a baseball themed basket is that it is something that you can keep and reuse for years to come.

Make it extra special by adding your loved one’s own name on it, or their favorite baseball players’ names, favorite team, etc.  Here’s some fantastic themed baskets online, too.

Baseball Big League Chew 

Instead of opting for your generic, run of the mill big Easter egg, you could always get your baseball fantastic a baseball Big League Chew or two.

Essentially, it’s like the mammoth balls that many of us used to enjoy as kids. Big League Chew is still regarded as one of the best-loved bubblegum brands on the planet, too.

They last for ages, are a perfect size and shape for any Easter Basket, and are easy to find online or in certain stores. 

In fact, you can buy Big League Chew in bulk – take a look.

Baseball board games 

As you may know, there are plenty of baseball-themed board games available.

From Top Trumps to games with dice, and even Monopoly – the wonderful game is pretty much everywhere.

There are baseball quiz games, themed party games and more – you’ll also find that MLB endorses quite a few of these games and gifts, too.

For example, check out this MLB themed Spot It – a quick-fire picture-spotting game with a sporty twist for that baseball nut in your life.

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Water bottles 

Actually playing baseball is thirsty work, and now that the warmer season is coming, your loved one is going to need to stay hydrated.

Get them a great baseball-themed water container that they can take to every practice and every game.

It’s a great way of getting them a practical gift that they will be able to use on the go, and they’ll remember how thoughtful you are every time they use it.

This brilliant O2Cool misting bottle arrives with a baseball theme and is super-easy to use on the go.

Baseball movies

There are plenty of great baseball movies and books that your loved one will likely already know.

But have they seen them all?

Do they actually own a copy of their own?

Getting them a baseball-themed DVD and/or book is a great way of filling their Easter Basket – and physical DVDs feel a little more special to open than, say, a voucher for a streaming purchase.

If you do go this route, ensure that you choose books and films that recipient might not have seen before.

If they are particularly up on their baseball, this might be tricky – but it’s worth the research.

Our recommendation? Start with a modern classic – Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner.

A Baseball and Mitt 

Any baseball fan will know that you can never have too many baseballs, mitts, or bats.

Why not complete your loved one’s Easter Basket and make it extra special by getting them a new set of baseball equipment?

That way, you can all play together, and your loved one can get in some more practice.

You can obviously find plenty of baseball kit in sports stores, however, it is also wise to compare different prices online.

You could also get kits in different styles, sizes, brands, and prices – to suit playing styles and personalities.

Franklin’s baseball mitts tend to be great starting points – this is a brand millions trust.

Baseball Easter Basket Ideas

A baseball Easter Basket is practically the same thing as a standard Easter Basket, just aimed at those who love baseball – funnily enough!

Easter doesn’t always have to be about eggs and bunnies, and if you know someone special who lives and breathes the beautiful game, why not theme your Easter basket ideas around their hobby?

It doesn’t have to just be for Easter either, you can get baseball gifts at any time of the year or even an end of the baseball season gifts for coaches.

As you can see, the best place to start is to get them a baseball-themed basket.

You can find them online, or even paint one yourself.

You can opt for the style and colors or the mitts, or that of the baseballs. 

From there, the main goal is to fill the baskets with some of the treats above, as well as plenty of Easter-themed goodies.

You could look around for baseball or bat-shaped chocolate, or even an egg shaped like a ball – and there’s nothing wrong with throwing in a little bit of sports-themed confetti, either.

Your baseball easter basket ideas don’t have to be the same as everyone else’s – make this holiday unique to you and your resident sports fanatic.


Baseball is pretty much everywhere – and there are plenty of sports Easter basket ideas that can help to make this season of giving that little bit more fun and exciting for an MLB follower.

All you (and the Easter Bunny) have to do is think creatively about how to fill these Easter baskets up with goodies and treats that appeal to their sporty side.

All the way up to Easter Sunday, this is a holiday that gives us all an amazing chance to show our loved ones how grateful we are to have them in our lives.

Whether you’re buying for boys or girls, or if it’s your Mom who’s an armchair MLB supporter, there’s tons of great ideas for baseball fans out there this Easter.

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