Gifting Art This Christmas – Guide For Buying the Best Arty Gifts (2022)

Few presents are more unforgettable and essential than a well-chosen piece of art, mainly because we invest so much more time with family.

Art can move us. Choosing a work of art that evokes memories of past adventures or future dreams is an excellent approach to improving a place’s atmosphere and vibe.

An armchair staycation is a great way to give the gift of vacation. But how do you choose a piece of art to buy for a friend, family member, or partner? 

It is critical to consider their ‘art personality.’ What are their hobbies? Is there a favorite spot for them? What is their fashion sense? 

Consider the personality of their house as well. Here are seven suggestions to help you give the ultimate art gift this holiday season.

For Someone Who Loves Places and Their History

Urban landscapes, cartography, folktales, and poetry inspire Mychael Barrat’s narrative drawings and engravings. 

Many of his paintings also show his love of narratives and stories.

His paintings transform Britain into a beautiful country through elaborate drawings praising its history and legacy. 

‘A Chart of Shakespeare’s England’ is loaded with allusions to Shakespeare’s 36 dramas, presenting the spectator with hours of fantastic exploration.

For the Remote Traveller

Do you know someone on the prowl for their next adventure but is halted back by the pandemic and restrictions? Don’t worry! 

The landscape painting by Paul Hirst is an evocative environment to be explored via personal interactions. 

Each one of his artworks has specific emotional energy surging through it.

Paul Hirst Quotes 

“My canvases are ephemeral views of the world where they arise from countless engagements with the raw elements of nature,”

Art Inspired Gifts for Enthusiasts

If you are having trouble getting your hands on a specific artwork or painting, sit back and relax. We have ideas for art-inspired gifts that every art enthusiast will adore.

  1. Art-Inspired Pillow Covers

A pillow cover may seem like an unusual Christmas present, but anybody who likes art will appreciate it. 

This present would be ideal for a buddy who doesn’t have enough wall space for a poster or who needs to add anything unique to their furnishings. 

These businesses offer over 200+ pillow coverings with personalized designs inspired by Dali and other surrealist painters. 

These handcrafted pillow covers, constructed of 100% viscose cotton and silk, are a unique way to integrate art into your interior decoration.

  1. A One-of-a-Kind work Painted by Independent Artists

Minted is an online store for independent artists that sells over 2,000 limited edition drawings of photographs, graphics, and other works. 

It only stocks 250 reproductions of each item per size to ensure that the artwork you receive is one-of-a-kind.

Aruba, an abstract painting, was influenced by an artist’s snorkeling experience off the shore of a tiny Tropical island, as shown by the multicolored waves.

You may select several various frame styles and colors to enhance the effect. Note that it is also obtainable as a poster or canvas.

  1. Subscription to Art

Suppose you know somebody who wants to add different art pieces to their area or enjoys regularly trying new artwork. 

In that case, they will enjoy a membership to Crate Joy

The service collaborates with autonomous, modern artists from all around the globe to make monthly collections that reflect their style.

The first step is to complete a style survey, asking them about their living area, sense of style, and current home design. 

The private art manager will then engage periodically to hand-pick works from their inventory, dispatched within three business days after selection.

  1. Schedule an Art Museum Trip

There is a rising perception that museums are not always meant for regular people. 

There have been requests for museum wall writings to provide more honest perspectives into the geopolitical circumstances of the pieces on display.

A new generation of guided tours offers alternatives to these conventional art histories, promising a memorable visit to museums worldwide.

Museum Hack offers a range of events around the United States, including a “Kickass Girls” trip at the Metropolitan Center. 

The “Un-Highlights,” trip spotlights lesser-known pieces at New York’s Museum Of art.

Alice Procter organizes “Uncomfy Art Tours”  in England, looking at how British colonialism has inspired art. 

Experience the Shady Ladies trip, looking at the “mean” women in art in Nyc, Massachusetts, Philly, and France.

  1. Present Japanese-Inspired Art

Whether you’re looking for Japanese culture fans or want to show your love of Japan to the people you care about, Japan Centre has the right Japanese gifts for you.

Fill their presents with Showa Grimm’s wonderfully adorned Yuzen Chiyogami folding paper if they want to perfect the art of origami. 

Alternatively, you can also get a beautiful set of origami crane jewelry. This jewelry is handcrafted in Japan using an actual origami sheet.

Maybe your loved one is interested in learning calligraphy or has a fondness for it. Japan Centre has it all.

Suppose you are looking to gift something to someone who wants to perfect one of Japan’s most ancient art forms. 

You can buy them high-quality Japanese calligrapher paper, natural paintbrushes, ink supplies, and how-to instructions.

  1. The Stencil Handbook for Graffiti Art

Street art isn’t frequently thought of as a distinct type of art in its own right, yet it can be just as beautiful and impactful as most other masterpieces.

If you know somebody inspired by graffiti or the paintings they see on the street, “The Graffiti Art Stencil Book” may be the perfect gift for them.

This dynamic book includes 20 laser-cut decals produced by a few of the world’s most famous street painters.

Not to mention the added images of the street artwork to see the artist’s initial idea and understand the creator biography.


There is an artist in every one of us, and this article is the perfect guide on making one happy. 

All the gifts and ideas above have been curated after thoughtful research and are bound to help you choose the ideal art present.

So what are you waiting for? Happy Shopping! 

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