Appropriate Gift for Sobriety Anniversary – 5 Best Ideas

Up to 74% of all substance abuse in the US is alcohol-related. So, hitting a sobriety milestone is the best definition of hard work and everyday commitment. It’s an effort worth applause. But what’s an appropriate gift for a sobriety anniversary? It is essential to put a lot of thought into your gift to make sure it is heartfelt and doesn’t cause offence. We’ve got your back with some great ideas!

You can understand why any member of the Alcoholics Anonymous enthusiastically applies more celebratory importance to sobriety anniversary than their birthday.

Consider something that will help them with the recovery process or encourage them one way or another, like these gift ideas below (2 in each category):

Best Sobriety Gifts to Celebrate an Anniversary

Gifts for someone in recovery from addiction should be sincere and thoughtful. Recognize their hard work and strength to resist the urge to fall back into the alcoholism pit. But be careful that the gift isn’t patronizing.

For a long time, alcoholic drinks have been associated with having a good time. They are synonymous with parties and barbecues in America and most of the world. That makes it even harder to stay clear of it.

Many people don’t believe that you can have a good time without alcohol, and anybody celebrating sobriety should be given a pat on the back – well, maybe more than a pat on the back.

Buying someone a gift for achieving sobriety is a delicate balance. One that we think we’ve got right with these great gift ideas below:

Sobriety Milestone Gifts: Plants

For a one year sober gift, you can consider plants and make it a tradition thereafter. You can watch as the collection grows every year to mark progress and celebrate the growth of something beautiful.

Appropriate Gift for Sobriety Anniversary - 5 Best Ideas 29Sobriety milestone gifts

For example, the gorgeous XXXFLOWER Plant Terrarium with Wooden Stand is an excellent gift for a sobriety anniversary. The creative gift for a floral arrangement can be filled with colored water to make it more eye-catching and the pride of the living room.

On the other hand, you can choose the Nearly Natural Sansevieria with Black Planter, which naturally exudes growth and class.

Appropriate Gift for Sobriety Anniversary - 5 Best Ideas 30Appropriate Gift for Sobriety Anniversary - 5 Best Ideas 31

The plant stands tall to indicate confidence and inner strength. The best thing is that it looks fresh for a long time to come.

Inspiring Jewelry : sobriety gifts for her

Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the best communities for support when going through alcohol dependency recovery.

You can pick a piece of jewelry, like the 12-step recovery pendant, with their favorite AA phrase to show support to the recovering addict.

The below piece of jewelry has a lovely message on it. But if you’re less religious, the pieces of jewelry we recommended in our list at the top of this list are better options. There’s a piece for everyone.

Appropriate Gift for Sobriety Anniversary - 5 Best Ideas 32sobriety gifts for her

Apart from the stainless steel, the inspiring jewelry comes with beautiful blue enamel.

This jewelry reminds them that the journey towards sobriety is more straightforward with support from their friends and relatives. It can also be worn as a badge of honor with pride in their achievement.

Artwork : unique sobriety anniversary gifts

A piece of relaxing artwork is a timeless way of celebrating landmark occasions, such as a sobriety anniversary. We gave you our favorite pieces of art in the list at the top of this post, but here are some others we love.

For example, the Wieco Art Large Canvas Art Prints is the perfect gift for your friend or relative recovering from alcoholism.

Appropriate Gift for Sobriety Anniversary - 5 Best Ideas 33unique sobriety anniversary gifts

The timeless beauty of nature captured by the three big gallery pieces is the perfect reminder of life’s beauty.

The high-definition prints are so realistic in terms of feel and look and would be a great reminder of their progress and how far they have come. They can stare into the artwork and meditate on all the good things that sobriety brings with it.

Sobriety is also a slow-growth plant that you must water with willpower, focus, and exceptional determination. The Wieco Art Silent Beauty Modern Abstract Flower Oil Paintings are the best representation of this kind of growth to sobriety.

Appropriate Gift for Sobriety Anniversary - 5 Best Ideas 34gifts for someone who stopped drinking

The 100% hand-painted artwork by world-class artisans comes with a hook and ready to hang.

They are museum quality oil paints that anybody with a taste for fine art will appreciate. It is by a professional artist and almost impossible not to love it.

Self-Improvement Books as Appropriate Gift for Sobriety Anniversary

NOTE: Books that remind your sober friend about their past may cause offence. It will depend on what stage of their recovery they are, your relationship with them, and what meaning they attach to the gift.

Books or journals on getting sober are a risky gift for someone who may feel that they are over their addiction on their anniversary.

The Mindfulness Workbook for Addiction by Rebecca E. Williams, Ph.D. is a great self-improvement book that can help you or your friend stay sober for longer.

Appropriate Gift for Sobriety Anniversary - 5 Best Ideas 35Appropriate Gift for Sobriety Anniversary - 5 Best Ideas 36

The book explores the roots of addictive behavior, such as the end of a relationship, and seeks to help you find a solution to the addictive behavior.

Williams, a psychologist that works for the Veteran’s Affairs, provides an effective program using acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) methods. In particular, the mindfulness training workbook attempts to treat emotion dysregulation, depression, stress, and grief at the root of the addiction.

Erica Spiegelman, an addiction expert, provides a breakthrough approach to fighting addiction. Rewired acknowledges our power to pull ourselves out from the pit using self-actualization.

Appropriate Gift for Sobriety Anniversary - 5 Best Ideas 37Appropriate Gift for Sobriety Anniversary - 5 Best Ideas 38

The book guides you towards sobriety and emotional, mental, and spiritual strength by identifying key principles within yourself such as gratitude, honesty, and authenticity. It also helps the recovering addict understand the need for solitude.

Sobriety Journal as gifts for someone who stopped drinking

The best part of the sobriety journey is being able to look back, reflect, and appreciate how far you have come. The sobriety journal is the best gift for recovering alcohol addicts to record their thoughts as they work towards recovery.

Appropriate Gift for Sobriety Anniversary - 5 Best Ideas 39Appropriate Gift for Sobriety Anniversary - 5 Best Ideas 40

In a personal sobriety journal or diary, you can be honest about yourself better than other people. Typically, you can record the struggles and the small wins towards sobriety. It is the perfect gift to give your friend celebrating soberversary, and the ideal alternative to giving a sobriety card.

You can also purchase The 365 Addiction Recovery Journal for a calming journaling method to help you or your friend through the recovery journey.

Appropriate Gift for Sobriety Anniversary - 5 Best Ideas 41Appropriate Gift for Sobriety Anniversary - 5 Best Ideas 42

The thought-provoking daily questions in the book will help get over the addiction and lead a better life.

Alcohol and Sobriety Facts, History and Statistics

  • According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) estimates, more than 19.7 million adults in the US suffered from a substance use disorder in 2017. Up to 74% of them were battling alcohol use disorder. According to the CDC, six people die every day from alcohol poisoning.
  • As you can guess, alcohol is the most popular addictive substance for various reasons. Alcohol has been around for a long time and is as old as human history. With such an extended tradition, it is not difficult to understand why alcohol is so socially acceptable.
  • Initially, alcohol was used as an antiseptic and pain reliever. In contemporary society, some medical professionals recommend moderate consumption of alcohol to enhance particular types of health.
  • Another reason alcohol is so popular is that it is a billion-dollar industry, employing millions and contributing billions to the economy.
  • Alcohol also plays a vital role in some cultures and religious ceremonies, and outlawing would be stepping on their religious rights, guaranteed by the constitution.

Dealing with the Presence of Alcohol

Avoiding alcohol in social settings is almost impossible. However, there are a couple of tips that you can apply to deal with it.

For example, you should be open about your recovery to your friends and family. People closest to you are more likely to make arrangements or support you to avoid alcoholic drinks. For example, family gatherings can be alcohol-free.

In social gatherings that you cannot avoid, have an appropriate response in tow if you are offered a glass of wine or other types of alcoholic drinks. For instance, you can say, “you are driving” or “no, thank you!”

If your inner circle of friends is far from supportive of your new way of life, you may need to cut the ties and form new relationships. Don’t give up sobriety to please your friends or acquaintances.

Keeping sober as a former alcoholic is the true measure of will power and commitment. As a friend or relative, it is crucial to provide sufficient support and be there for them. There are various gifts, like the above, that you can give them to best show your support.

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